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Favorite Favors

It's "Tips Tuesday"! Today, we are sharing tips on giving great favors to your guests. As a planner, I focus on ensuring my clients make the best use of their event budget because let's face it, who wants to waste money? Therefore, it's important when choosing a favor that you select an option that your guests will use and enjoy. If you apply our 3 simple tips below in your favor selection process, we are sure you, your guests and your wallet will all be happy. 1) Edible Favors: Food is the key to some men and women's hearts. Well, why not have your guests fall in love with your party by sending them off with an assortment of candy, desserts and/or snacks. Pre-packaged goodies can be personalized to your theme and will make a tasty take away for your guests. Alternatively, having a styled sweets table is a great way to bring added decor to your event and allows your guests to pick and choose what goodies they'd like to take home and enjoy. Either option is perfect for weddings, parties, showers and a wide array of other events. Check out this orange and gold sweets table we did this past November:

favors1 favors2

2) Themed Favors: If you've chosen a specific theme for your event, selecting a favor that ties into that theme is perfect! This is a great way to keep the party going for your guests even after they've left. Children's parties are a great opportunity to choose cute and clever themed treats. For instance, we created Doc McStuffins prescription bottle, candy favors for a cute 3rd birthday this Summer. It allowed the little guests to play Doc and enjoy a treat, too. This adorable themed favor is available for purchase in our brand new Etsy shop.


Additionally, you can also have a lot of fun with themed, adult party favors. We recently assisted with a chic, Sex and the City themed bridal shower. The ladies all went home with the perfect favor...a mirror compact with a high heel on the front. If that doesn't scream Carrie Bradshaw, I don't know what does!


3) Special Keepsake: Lastly, another great idea for favors is a special keepsake that your guests can have and enjoy for months or even years. To make the most of your keepsake, consider an item that speaks to you but that guests would likely use often. We had the pleasure of assisting with a 90th birthday earlier this year, and the favors were personalized coffee mugs. Given the more mature crowd and the event being held in the winter, it was an excellent choice for guests to later enjoy coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more.


We hope today's tips will help land gifts for your guests in the Favorite Favors category. Among the many services we offer, customized favors is one of them so contact us today at for your upcoming favor needs.

Sensationally yours,