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Styled Stock Photography for Creatives and Bloggers

Before we close out January, I'm so excited to share some great tips today for fellow creatives and bloggers! Whether it's creating documents to send to clients, graphics for blog posts and social media, or images for your business needs, styled stock is one way to upgrade your visual presence. And when it comes to styled stock photography Shay Cochrane is one of the best to ever do it!

styled stock photography

If you haven't heard of the SC Stockshop, you're missing out on some good stuff! I found out about this amazing styled stock shop through Instagram, and have been in love ever since. So since y'all know I love sharing good info, here are my thoughts for using styled stock and how it has been helpful in my business:

1. Essential for blogging

Styled stock is a must have in the blogging world, especially for posts where you plan to share advice. For my business education posts, like this one, styled stock is ideal for creating pinnable and shareable graphics with text that conveys your post title or focus. 

As we all know, our world is filled with all the things, so in order to grab the attention of your blog  audience, using the SC Stockshop can really help to streamline your blog graphics and create consistency in the style of the images you share.

When using styled stock for blogging, I suggest: 1. choosing an image that reflects your brand and/or post, 2. add a catchy title to engage your audience, which can be done in platforms like Canva for free (as done with today's graphic above), and 3. add your business name, website or submark to ensure people seeing the graphic come back to your site.

2. Aesthetically pleasing social media images

From flat lays, to clean and pretty desk shots and more, styled stock is great for beautifying your Instagram feed. Let's face it, unless you're a photographer, taking polished photos that are consistent with your brand is not easy. Styled stock has been so helpful for me in sharing my thoughts on social media with an aesthetically pleasing photo to match. 

The great thing about styled stock is you can use it as is for social media with a great caption in your brand voice. This has been especially helpful for me over on the Mor Community Instagram page. Alternatively, you can add words to styled stock like you would for a blog post to share a quote, product highlight, new blog post announcement and this list goes on. 

The thing to remember with styled stock for social media is balance in usage. For instance, as an event planner it's important for my feed to showcase my events. However, it's also important to showcase my inspirations, thoughts, and announcements for a certain day, and styled stock can help to accomplish that.

3. Enhancing business documents

Last but not least, one of the best ways I've utilized SC Stockshop is in enhancing some of my business documents, and more specifically client documents and educational e-guides. When you don't have the option of using a graphic designer for all of your business documents, styled stock and Canva can be a great resource to enhance your documents on your own. See this example below from one of my mentorship documents:

The addition of SC Stockshop styled stock on the bottom border of the document perfectly aligns with my brand through the colors and floral accents, while also adding some extra beauty. The tip to remember is to select styled stock that makes sense for your specific documents and brand.

Where can I get styled stock you are saying?

I can't say enough about the SC Stockshop! Check them out for yourself, and also visit their Instagram page for more eye candy. If you're currently using styled stock, what other tips would you add to this list? Share below!

Sensationally yours,


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