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Fire Station #3

Happy Wednesday! Today's "Sweet Summer" post is all about the sweet little boy who stole my heart 3 years ago son, Cameron! Lovable, funny, smart, full of energy and one of a kind sums up our birthday boy. In honor of Cameron's 3rd birthday, we had a fire station celebration at our home this past weekend. From beginning to end, we set the roof on fire with fun amongst family and friends! To help the kids feel like true fire fighters, they dressed and played the part at our replica miniature fire station. This preceded a visit from fire fighters in a bonafied fire truck from Capitol Fire Truck Rentals, LLC. Cameron and his friends were able to learn about fire safety, try on firemen gear, hop on board the fire truck and even put out a few pretend fires. They loved every minute of their fire fighting experience! Since the party was on the 1st day of summer, we also let the kids enjoy some fun in the sun and bounce around in the fire station themed moonbounce.

In between all the fun, everyone had a chance to enjoy pizza, extinguish their thirst, and  "Stop, Eat and Roll" at our snack station filled with lots of fire themed goodies, such as fire truck wheels (oreos) and great balls of fire (cheese popcorn). I believe all parties should have a sweet ending, so after singing Happy Birthday to Cameron we were able to indulge in ice cream, the fire truck themed cake from the Kake Korner and cupcakes made by yours truly. It was a wonderful day in celebration of my little fire chief and all of his fire fighting friends got to take home some goodies to include: a fire chief hat, toy fire truck, water bottle to extinguish their thirst, snack bags and activity packets donated by the Westlake Fire Station.

As we celebrate my favorite little guy's birthday, check out some photos from his birthday bash below:



cambday1 cambday2cambday11

cambday3 cambday4 cambday5 cambday6 cambday7 cambday8

Let us know what you think about Cameron's Fire Station #3 in the discussion section of this post. Are you planning a birthday party for your child? Need some expert assistance? Feel free to contact us at to reserve your date.

Sensationally yours,

Shalyce - Cameron's proud mommy :-)



Event Recaps: Starting Off 2014

We hope your 2014 is off to a great start. We're looking forward to planning and designing many sensational soirees this year, and last weekend we hit the ground running as our team was in the full swing of event planning. We had the pleasure of assisting with a Dr. Seuss themed 1st birthday party and a fun and casual 30th birthday party. This past weekend's events reminded me of why I started Sensational wasn't just out of personal desire and love for events, but also to be a valued resource to our clients by meeting their specific and varying planning and design needs. Both of our recent clients wanted to play a lead role in the planning of their events, and called on us to manage the day of execution and some design details. It was so rewarding to hear them say they could really enjoy their event because of our on-site event management, which propels us to continue making great service our aim in 2014. Take a peek at a few photos from both parties below:

"Jacob's Seussville"

ssjan14 026

ssjan14 029

ssjan14 034

ssjan14 037

ssjan14 038    ssjan14 043

ssjan14 048

ssjan14 051

ssjan14 059

ssjan14 090

ssjan14 106

"Tyreece's 30th Roast & Toast"

ssjan14 006

ssjan14 007

ssjan14 008

ssjan14 009

ssjan14 010

How did you start off 2014? What events are you thinking of planning this year? Let us know in the discussion section below. Don't forget to take advantage of our current planning and design promotions by March 3, 2014 - email us at for more details.

Sensationally yours,