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Lemonade Stand Feature

Happy Fun Friday! I hope you've had a sensational week, and that your weekend will be, too. Summer will be gone in just a few short weeks, so you have to soak up the sun and summer fun while you can. A few weeks ago, a cute lemonade stand I created was featured on the Forever Your Prints blog; check it out here. If you plan on hosting an event over the next few weeks or just want to have some fun with the kiddies, consider incorporating a lemonade stand. It is sure to liven up your soiree, excite your taste buds, and of course be fun for the little ones. From lemon cookies to lemon rock candy to lemonade, this set-up is extra sweet!

Lemonade-Stand-Party-Feature-by-Sensational-Soiree-8-600x397Lemonade-Stand-Party-Feature-by-Sensational-Soiree-3 Lemonade-Stand-Party-Feature-by-Sensational-Soiree-5

Isn't this the cutest?! Special thanks to Kacey Dangerfield for the colorful backdrop and Forever Your Prints for the printables. Share with us the best thing about your Summer in the discussion section of this post.

Sensationally yours,