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Favorite Favors

It's "Tips Tuesday"! Today, we are sharing tips on giving great favors to your guests. As a planner, I focus on ensuring my clients make the best use of their event budget because let's face it, who wants to waste money? Therefore, it's important when choosing a favor that you select an option that your guests will use and enjoy. If you apply our 3 simple tips below in your favor selection process, we are sure you, your guests and your wallet will all be happy. 1) Edible Favors: Food is the key to some men and women's hearts. Well, why not have your guests fall in love with your party by sending them off with an assortment of candy, desserts and/or snacks. Pre-packaged goodies can be personalized to your theme and will make a tasty take away for your guests. Alternatively, having a styled sweets table is a great way to bring added decor to your event and allows your guests to pick and choose what goodies they'd like to take home and enjoy. Either option is perfect for weddings, parties, showers and a wide array of other events. Check out this orange and gold sweets table we did this past November:

favors1 favors2

2) Themed Favors: If you've chosen a specific theme for your event, selecting a favor that ties into that theme is perfect! This is a great way to keep the party going for your guests even after they've left. Children's parties are a great opportunity to choose cute and clever themed treats. For instance, we created Doc McStuffins prescription bottle, candy favors for a cute 3rd birthday this Summer. It allowed the little guests to play Doc and enjoy a treat, too. This adorable themed favor is available for purchase in our brand new Etsy shop.


Additionally, you can also have a lot of fun with themed, adult party favors. We recently assisted with a chic, Sex and the City themed bridal shower. The ladies all went home with the perfect favor...a mirror compact with a high heel on the front. If that doesn't scream Carrie Bradshaw, I don't know what does!


3) Special Keepsake: Lastly, another great idea for favors is a special keepsake that your guests can have and enjoy for months or even years. To make the most of your keepsake, consider an item that speaks to you but that guests would likely use often. We had the pleasure of assisting with a 90th birthday earlier this year, and the favors were personalized coffee mugs. Given the more mature crowd and the event being held in the winter, it was an excellent choice for guests to later enjoy coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more.


We hope today's tips will help land gifts for your guests in the Favorite Favors category. Among the many services we offer, customized favors is one of them so contact us today at for your upcoming favor needs.

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The Amazing Spider-Man!

Happy Hump Day! In case you've wondered where we've been over the last few weeks, we've been enjoying summer vacation and some good ole R&R! We hope you have had an opportunity to kick your heels up and vacation this summer, too. Now that summer is almost over and the kids are back in school, back to business we go! This summer, we had the pleasure of assisting with not 1 but 2 Spider-Man parties for 2 amazing little guys! Since my son is a HUGE Spider-Man fan, it was very easy for me to draw inspiration. For both parties, cityscape and superhero elements were requested, which were perfect to bring Spider-Man to life! Check out a few photos of some of the decor from each party:

Jayden's 5th Birthday Partyspiderman1 spiderman2 spiderman7

Special thanks to Dez Party Creations for the awesome Spider-Man party hats!

Bryce's 3rd Birthday Party

spiderman3 spiderman4 spiderman5 spiderman6

Let us know what you think about these Spider-Man parties in the discussion section of this post. Contact us today at for your child's next birthday.

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Fire Station #3

Happy Wednesday! Today's "Sweet Summer" post is all about the sweet little boy who stole my heart 3 years ago son, Cameron! Lovable, funny, smart, full of energy and one of a kind sums up our birthday boy. In honor of Cameron's 3rd birthday, we had a fire station celebration at our home this past weekend. From beginning to end, we set the roof on fire with fun amongst family and friends! To help the kids feel like true fire fighters, they dressed and played the part at our replica miniature fire station. This preceded a visit from fire fighters in a bonafied fire truck from Capitol Fire Truck Rentals, LLC. Cameron and his friends were able to learn about fire safety, try on firemen gear, hop on board the fire truck and even put out a few pretend fires. They loved every minute of their fire fighting experience! Since the party was on the 1st day of summer, we also let the kids enjoy some fun in the sun and bounce around in the fire station themed moonbounce.

In between all the fun, everyone had a chance to enjoy pizza, extinguish their thirst, and  "Stop, Eat and Roll" at our snack station filled with lots of fire themed goodies, such as fire truck wheels (oreos) and great balls of fire (cheese popcorn). I believe all parties should have a sweet ending, so after singing Happy Birthday to Cameron we were able to indulge in ice cream, the fire truck themed cake from the Kake Korner and cupcakes made by yours truly. It was a wonderful day in celebration of my little fire chief and all of his fire fighting friends got to take home some goodies to include: a fire chief hat, toy fire truck, water bottle to extinguish their thirst, snack bags and activity packets donated by the Westlake Fire Station.

As we celebrate my favorite little guy's birthday, check out some photos from his birthday bash below:



cambday1 cambday2cambday11

cambday3 cambday4 cambday5 cambday6 cambday7 cambday8

Let us know what you think about Cameron's Fire Station #3 in the discussion section of this post. Are you planning a birthday party for your child? Need some expert assistance? Feel free to contact us at to reserve your date.

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Shalyce - Cameron's proud mommy :-)



May Flowers!

Now that the April Showers have come and gone, it's time to welcome the May Flowers! This month on our blog, we will feature floral trends, inspirations, invitations and much more, so tune in to get the 411 on all things flowers for your upcoming events. On a personal note, today I'm celebrating the anniversary of the day I became a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. On a recent visit to the party store, I found the perfect treats to share with my linesisters at our anniversary lunch last Saturday. Not only did I create my little gifts in our sorority colors, but they also resembled flowers, as I adorned them with mini tissue poms. If you are hosting a floral inspired party, bridesmaids brunch or ladies soiree, these gifts that I like to call "candy flowers" would make the perfect party favors.




How do you like these "candy flowers"? Let us know in the discussion section below. Feel free to contact us for custom candy flowers and all your party favor needs at or drop us a note here.

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4 Easter Shopping Tips

Easter is almost here! If you're anything like me, I'm sure you are pulling out dresses and seersucker for church, and of course thinking of ways to have a hippity hoppity good time with your little ones and family. On a recent visit to Target, which is one of my favorite stores, I was able to score some Easter goodies for my little ones and their friends. The items were each under $10, and are perfect not only for Easter basket fillers, but also for gifts for classmates, Easter egg hunts and party favors. Check out a few of my finds and Easter shopping tips to get your DIY juices flowing:

1) Try shopping with a theme in mind: While there are great ready-made Easter baskets out there, I tend to enjoy creating my own Easter baskets/gifts. This allows me to select items specifically tailored to the recipient's interests. If your child likes a certain TV character, consider creating a themed basket around that character. Many stores carry a wide array of Easter items and toys from popular children's shows such as Spiderman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that would be great basket fillers (i.e. egg candy containers, egg decorating kits, etc.).

easter 012

easter 004

2) Put the babies on your gift list: Now that I'm a proud mom of two, I get to spoil both of my babies this Easter! To my surprise, I was able to find great basket fillers for my newborn, such as bunny rattles, bath books and cute Easter apparel.

easter 007

3) Take advantage of the variety of Easter goodies: When giving gifts to classmates or favors at Easter parties, there are great options other than just the traditional chocolate bunny (although they are delicious). For instance, my son loves goldfish, and I was so happy to find these Easter/Spring themed snack packs, along with bunny coloring books, Peeps (they were only a $1), fillable Easter eggs and more.

easter 013

4) Grab an item or two that helps explain the meaning of Easter: I was so happy to find this Easter VeggieTales DVD that explains why millions of Christians around the world celebrate Easter past, present and future. Cartoons really catch my son's attention, so this clever film is sure to help him understand the meaning of Easter. There are also other great items, such as books, coloring sheets and toys, that you can find in stores or also online at places like Oriental Trading.


I hope you find these tips helpful, as you plan to celebrate Easter with your little ones this coming weekend. Feel free to share any great Easter ideas you may have in the discussion section below.

Sensationally yours,