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Meet Sensational Couple Shelley and Erroll

Happy Wedding Wednesday! 

Summer wedding season is in full swing, and I am so excited to witness our sensational couples say I do this season. First up, we have Shelley and Erroll, who will tie the knot next Saturday evening in Upper Marlboro, MD. This perfect pair are so looking forward to starting their life together as one, and are sharing some of their love story here today along with their gorgeous engagement photos by Hamida Giwa. 

How and when did you meet?

We met online and after a few days of messaging back and forth, decided to meet up.  Our first date was supposed to be at a bowling alley, but there was some tournament going on, so we couldn’t bowl, so we went to dinner instead. 

Most memorable date?

Shelley: I would say it was the picnic we went to at a park in Alexandria, VA. I usually hate the outdoors, but the weather was perfect that day and Erroll had packed a yummy picnic lunch, and It was really nice and romantic. 

Erroll: For me it was a Valentines Day date, it was planned as a surprise to Shelley. I wanted something different and somewhat unique. Unbeknownst to both of us we'd be walking in the cold of DC winter but the different spots on a walking chocolate tour made up for it. Not only was it treat to have the variety of chocolates but it also came with a little guided history tour of Old Georgetown. 

What about marriage are you looking forward to most?

Shelley: Spending my life with my best friend.

Erroll: Aside from knowing I would have a life long partner to go on the rest of this journey with and experience my fails as well as my wins. I look forward to seeing Shelley as a mother, knowing that our child will have instilled in him/her an importance on education, a good sense of core values and knowing God. 

What do you love most about your relationship?

That we can laugh about anything together and that we will always have each others backs. 

What song would you dedicated to him/her?

Shelley: Beyonce’s Once in a Lifetime

Erroll: Babyface's Two Occasions

For fun...of the following who is your favorite TV/Movie couple? a) Martin and Gina (Martin), b) Darius and Nina (Love Jones), c) Claire and Cliff (The Cosby Show), d) Ross and Rachel (Friends), e) Whitley and Dwayne (A Different World), f) Akeem and Lisa (Coming to America), g) Lucy and Ricky (I Love Lucy), h) choose a couple not listed.

It would have to be the couple that's most like us, Dwayne and Whitley from A Different World, since he's very nerdy and I'm (a little) spoiled lol. 

Don't you just love LOVE?! In 10 days, they'll be Mr. and Mrs. Horne, and I couldn't be happier for them. Share well wishes for this sensational couple in the comments section.

Sensationally yours,




Meet Sensational Vendor, Capturing Perfection Photography

Happy Wedding Wednesday! This month, as we're celebrating love and marriage, we have enjoyed featuring a few sensational couples who have become apart of the Sensational Soirees family. Today, we are featuring the amazing photography duo, Chief and Prima of Capturing Perfection Photography. The newly engaged couple began their professional photography career in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in 2012. Since then, they have earned respect throughout the region for their dedication and hard work to capturing beautiful moments. Read on to learn more about this great photography company and the owners...

Capturing Perfection Photography


What inspired you to start Capturing Perfection? There was always a pull to capture stunning moments, whether people creating memories, landscape, and even food, so finally I put down my phone camera and decided to take the gift to the next level with a professional camera. Learning about all the possible techniques and settings created a drive that has elevated Capturing Perfection to our vision today.


What do you love most about photography? Photography truly is a means to reflect and savor a moment. When I look back on a moment and have a vivid picture of the details and emotions within the picture it makes all the difference. Our goal is to capture the essence of the present moment.


Do you have a favorite brand of camera/lenses? Personally, I prefer Canon products, as the user interface is a bit more user friendly. The lenses we use vary depending on the look we are trying to achieve. For example, if we are looking to capture a wide area, such as landscapes versus looking to get the details such as a “ring shot” for weddings. If I had to choose it would be the 24-70mm as it encompasses a very vast range all the way from wide angle to telephoto.

Give us a brief overview of your photography services. Capturing Perfection specializes in several photography genres, including product photography, corporate photography, engagement/wedding, event lifestyle, maternity, newborn, and portrait photography.


How far in advance should engaged couples try to book you for their engagement sessions and wedding photography? There's no time like the present, seeing as most weddings are often planned months to a year in advance we have weddings scheduled for 2016. We like to incorporate the engagement session into a package, which allows the couple to get comfortable in front of the camera, and allows us to learn more about the couple, tailoring our services to their needs. It also allows for our couples to be able to use the images for things like save the dates and keepsakes.


What sets Capturing Perfection apart from other photographers in the Washington, DC area? The friendliness and easygoing nature of the staff at Capturing Perfection is what makes it an effortless experience between the client-photographer relationship, and this key component makes it simple to capture those special moments. In addition, to the relaxed and professional nature of the photography environments, all images are edited in house to add that perfect touch, providing you with the best image quality.


How fun is it to work with your fiancee? It's pretty cool working with my fiancee, seeing as we both have various perspectives’ one person is able to capture a moment in a complimentary way to the others. This is one of the major reasons it’s great to have multiple photographers. With us having a connection we are able to see something as simple as each other’s facial expression and know what we can do to help each other create the perfect look, true definition of a help-mate.


Chief Asante and Prima Brooks, Owners of Capturing Perfection Photography

We hope you loved today's feature, and are in the mood for new family portraits, to capture your "I do's" and more! I highly recommend Capturing Perfection for your photography needs, as they have been my first choice for the last 2 years for all of my family's photos. To learn more about their services, check out their website, and contact them at 301.541.7898 or Visit our blog next month to see a recent event where we worked with Capturing Perfection.

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Sensationally yours,