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DC Wedding Planning: How To Choose Your Wedding Party

If you're engaged and wondering how to choose your wedding party, today's Tips Tuesday post is just for you!

Photo: Christopher Jason Studios

Photo: Christopher Jason Studios

Now that you've got the ring, hired your planner and picked out your venue, you're likely turning your attention to picking your wedding party. You also might be stumped on this task and find yourself in one of the following categories:

  1. Before you got engaged, you had ideas of who your future wedding party would be, but now you're reevaluating to be sure

  2. You have so many friends and aren't sure how to pick who's in or out of the wedding party

  3. Your fiancé has more friends than you, or vice versa, and you aren't sure if it's best to have an unbalanced number on each side or alternatively if you should add more people on your side so that it is balanced

  4. You have just a few quality close friends, so you're not sure if a wedding party is even necessary

  5. You have no plans to have a wedding party

Whether you're in any of the above categories or more, today I'm breaking down some tried and true tips to consider before you select your wedding party. Additionally, for those in category 5 above, I've had many couples opt out of having a wedding party and it worked out beautifully for them. In that case, it's almost as if all the guests are your wedding party and the ceremony focus is all on you.

Now, for those of you who totally want your girls and/or guys right by your side, I suggest the following 5 tips.

Photo: Christopher Jason Studios

Photo: Christopher Jason Studios

  1. Think Quality over Quantity - Regardless of whether your fiancé has more friends than you or whether someone told you 5 was the magic number of bridesmaids to have, when it comes to your wedding party it's about quality and not a specific number. Ideal wedding party members are those who have your back, wholeheartedly support your union, are reliable, positive and always great to be around. Now if there are tons of friends/family who fit this category for you, it doesn't mean all 20 of them have to stand with you at the altar. I recommend sitting down with your fiancé and discussing the potential wedding party members you're considering, and get feedback from each other on who is essential for the role.

  2. Consider the Responsibilities - When someone accepts your invitation to be in your wedding party, they are essentially signing up to: be one of your bridal besties; stand in support of your union; help with some personal tasks you may need that are not handled by your wedding planner; buy their dress, shoes, and jewelry for the big day; pay for makeup and hair (if it's not gifted by you); help plan and attend your bridal shower and bachelorette party; show up on time for rehearsal, the wedding and other activities; and be a vital member in your bride tribe. While it's a fun job, for some that can be a big job or something they can't commit to due to other things going on in their life. Think long and hard about who would be all in or alternatively a headache, not able to commit, or unreliable.

  3. Choose from the Heart - Go with your gut and your heart when selecting your wedding party - NOT out of obligation. Just because someone has been your friend for years or because you were in their wedding party, doesn't mean you have to select them to be in your wedding party. Remember, just because someone isn't in your wedding party, doesn't mean they aren't very special to you.

  4. Children are optional - Nothing is cuter than a little flower girl and ring bearer! However, those roles aren't essential for every wedding. Perhaps you don't have children, nieces, nephews or godchildren to fill the role or maybe you don't want any kids at the wedding at all - that's totally ok. Alternatively, if you do want children in your wedding party, my suggestion is to choose children who will happily go down the aisle. On the flip-side, if they cry uncontrollably on day of, don't force them to walk down the aisle.

  5. Consider Other Roles - There are so many ways to celebrate your engagement journey with family and friends, so don't feel bad about not selecting everyone to be in your wedding party. For very close friends and family not in your wedding party, some other great ways to acknowledge them and roles they can fill are :

    • Reserved seat at the ceremony - this is a great option for aunts, uncles and first cousins

    • Ushers and Hostesses - these are other great roles to fill for the ceremony

    • Bridal Shower and/or Bachelorette Party Hosting - the wedding party doesn't necessarily have to host your pre-wedding celebrations, so if close family and friends volunteer to host and you love their knack for entertaining, let them throw your shindigs!

    • Bridal Gown Shopping - if you have a couple fashionista friends and family whose opinion means a lot to you and they are super positive and helpful, those are great folks to join you for your gown shopping

    • Have them wear a specific color - this is a great option for sorority sisters or fraternity brothers who'll be attending the wedding, and makes for a great picture at the reception

Photo: Christopher Jason Studios

Photo: Christopher Jason Studios

A final thought I'd like to share for those who may struggle with people pleasing is something I tell couples all the time - "it's your day, so do what feels right for you two and you two alone". Never feel obligated or pressured to go out of your way to include family and friends in certain roles for the wedding, as that shouldn't be the sole indicator of how close you are or aren't to someone. Those who truly love you will be honored to simply attend and celebrate your nuptials, with no strings attached.

I hope you found these tips to be super helpful, and that you're better equipped to pick your I DO crew. Now let's chat in the comments - share some other tips you'd add to the list or questions you may have surrounding this topic. I'd love to connect with you!

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Sex and the City Bridal Shower Feature

Brides and grooms all over are actively planning for their big  day! While the couples are busy wedding planning, bridesmaids are gearing up to host bridal showers. All festivities leading up to a wedding should be well thought out and memorable, so considering a great bridal shower theme is very important! One key factor to consider when planning a bridal shower is the bride's personality and interests. We had the pleasure of styling a Sex and the City themed bridal shower for a bride, who is quite the fashionista! Needless to say, we had to get pretty CARRIEd away with all the details. The party is featured on the Forever Your Prints blog, so check it out and let us know what you think in the discussion section of this post.


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Save the Date: 2015 Winter Bridal Events

Happy Wedding Wednesday! As we mentioned last week, engagement season is in full swing, and likewise so are bridal events. Today, we're sharing a list of the Washington, D.C. and surrounding area's premier winter events that are catered to all the blushing brides out there. Whether you are looking for a fabulous wedding gown, the area's top florists or to sample some tasty wedding cake, our list is sure to point you in the right direction for all things wedding related. Photo Credit: Washingtonian Bride & Groom

In addition to all the events noted below, Sensational Soirees is currently taking appointments to discuss your wedding planning needs and share some sensational savings we are offering for engaged couples. Don't live in the D.C. area? No worries, we provide planning services throughout the U.S. and are available to assist with destination wedding planning, as well. Contact us at to get started with planning your sensational wedding!

Brides, grab your calendars and save the date...

2015 Winter Bridal Events



MARCH 2015

Photo Credit: Black Bride

We hope you enjoy these upcoming bridal events, and be sure to tell them Sensational Soirees sent you!

Know of a bridal event not listed above? Share with us in the discussion section of this post.

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Hello Fall Wedding Season

I’m sure we have all noticed the change in the weather, as Fall is upon us! Many couples enjoy getting married in the beautiful, not too hot, and not too cold Fall season. In addition, many venues offer more affordable pricing starting in mid to late Fall…and lets be honest, we all love a good deal! As you prepare to enjoy the upcoming pre-wedding and wedding festivities, enjoy some photos that inspired us for this wedding season.


Photo Credit: Style Unveiled


Photo Credits:  Sortrature| Huffington Post


Photo Credits: Whimsy Decor | Martha Stewart Weddings


Photo Credits: The Knot


Photo Credits: The Examiner | Style Me Pretty


Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty


Photo Credit: The Knot


Photo Credit: The Knot

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