Happy Wedding Wednesday! Love is so sweet, and so are the services offered by the amazing company we're featuring today. Something BARowed, based in Greensboro, NC, specializes in creating candy bar stations for weddings and special events.


I've known co-owner, Lori Poag, for years, and have had the pleasure of watching this company grow so quickly! We also collaborated on a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower that we shared on the blog last year. As you know, Sensational Soirees loves candy tables, so for all of our readers in the North Carolina area and beyond, we are pleased to introduce you to Something BARowed. Check out our interview with the owners, who are also husband and wife, Hezekiah and Lori Poag:


What inspired you to start Something BARowed? When we started planning our wedding we always said that we wanted a Candy Bar, however it was just one of those things we waited to the last minute to check off our list. We were literally running around like crazy people the week before our wedding trying to track down large quantities of white gumballs and buying overpriced glass jars for our Candy Bar. It was just one of those things that became a pain and eventually found itself at the bottom of our to-do list. On the day of the wedding we designated certain hostesses to attend to the Candy Bar making sure the jars remained full and no guest got too greedy. In the end the Candy Bar responsibilities were somewhat thrown to the wayside once the line dancing and bottle popping started. This left our guests to fend for themselves, a mess of a candy table and pounds of unused candy left under the candy table since the jars weren't being refilled properly throughout the night. Once we returned from our honeymoon and started going though our wedding items and reminiscing about our big day we started thinking about what we could have done without and what we could have done differently. The first thing that came to both our minds was the Candy Bar. Besides the fact that we were stuck with about 15 candy jars that we had only used once...why didn't we just hire someone to put that blasted thing together? Why weren't there any companies that offered the service in our area? Then the light bulb came on.... If we would've paid for the service, others will too!   

What do you enjoy most about creating candy bars? We really enjoy the fact that every client and every event is different. One week we could be creating a Candy Bar for a peacock themed wedding, and the next week one for a "Frozen" inspired kids birthday party. It certainly keeps our creativity on its toes.

Do you have a favorite brand(s) of candy you use? We LOOOOOOOOVE Albanese Gummy Bears! White Strawberry Banana to be exact; and we aren't the only ones. Gummy bears are ALWAYS the first item requested and the first item to go when we set up our Candy Bars. We always fight over the forgotten ones that get lost in our table linens when we're cleaning up at the end of events. HA!!!

Give us a brief overview of your candy bar services. We create beautiful Candy Bars customized to match our clients color theme and event decor. Our call to fame is candy, however we have also been known to create cookie, pretzel & popcorn bars as well. Our services include the candy, candy jars, scoops/tongs, decorative linens, customized candy tags, table decor, candy bags, set-up/break-down, and candy attendants for events with 75 guest or more. We also create gift baskets and candy favor bags.

How far in advance should engaged couples try to book their wedding candy bar services? We recommend that they schedule an appointment to book our SWEET services within 3-7 months of their event. This gives them a chance to discuss the colors, theme, and vision for their bar to ensure a stunning display.

What sets Something BARowed apart from other candy bar companies in the Greensboro, NC area? We understand the amount of time and energy that goes into our clients planning their events. Whether it's the day they say "I do", retire from a job they've dedicated their life to or celebrate their "Sweet 16", we feel that a Candy Bar should play just as an important role in the rooms decor and feel. It's not just about matching candy...anyone can do that, but more about creating balance and flow with the entire event, just as if the Candy Bar was created by the client them self.

How fun is it to work with your husband? We certainly had our "moments" in the beginning, but it was all about finding our individual niches. We work differently and process problems differently and there was a beauty in discovering that. One (Lori) handles the booking, buying and broadcasting while one (Hezekiah) handles the designing aspect and we're okay with that. We often come across couples that have tried the whole working together thing only to come to the conclusion that they can either have a business OR a marriage....why not have both? We say it's all about teamwork and timeouts. If it seems we're not coming together as a team on a event project, then its time for a timeout. Take a break, watch a movie, go for a ride to reconnect, then try again. Our favorite events to do are weddings. We call it our date night because we get to enjoy a great meal and hit the dance floor after our work is done. sb2 sb3 sb4 sb5 Something BARowed Candy Company

To learn more about Something BARowed, here's how you can reach them:

Email - SomethingBARowed@outlook.com | Phone - 336-279-0058 | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google Plus | Wedding Wire |Pinterest

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