Happy Friday loves! I hope you've had a sensational week, and that the weekend will bring lots of fun and some relaxation, too. I have some great news to share, for those who haven't heard! 

All too often, people get a case of the "Monday Blues" at the start of the week, and wonder how the weekend went by so fast. Trust me, I've been there; but, for the past year, I've grown to actually love Mondays. My logic is if I start the week off right, that should better prepare me to end the week right, too. Whether you naturally love or loathe Mondays, I'm here to help make the start of your week, every week, sensational!

Two weeks ago, I started my new, weekly live stream series, Sensational Mondays, over on Periscope to inspire and motivate fellow boss ladies, wedding and event enthusiasts, mothers and ladies who rock. If you are already on Periscope then I'm sure you love it just as much as I do, and if you're not on there you need to sign up asap (stay tuned for a future post on why I love the scope so much). Next, you need to follow me @sensationalsoirees, and be sure to turn on notifications, so that you are alerted to join in on my live scopes. 

What can you expect from Sensational Mondays? Glad you asked!

  1. Inspiration - From wedding and soiree planning behind the scenes to my home life, you can expect to see it all. I can't wait to share tips, trends and the latest things I love with you.
  2. Education - The more WE know, the more WE grow! I'm all about community, and plan to share freely about the things I've learned as a boss lady, mommy, wifey and more. I hope sharing pieces of my journey inspires you on yours.
  3. Me - For me, live streams allow you to see and feel more of who a person is, beyond a blog or other social media platforms. As I've mentioned here before, I truly want to share more of me because the Sensational Soirees brand at it's core reflects who I am as a person. I want to engage with you via this platform and in turn for you to engage with me. So please ask questions, comment and heart it up during these weekly scopes. 
  4. All things sensational! (in 15 minutes or less) - Let's have fun and tap into our greatness! So grab a cup of coffee or your lunch, and let's connect for a few minutes every Monday. While I would love for you to join me during the live broadcast, if ever you miss one you can always catch the replay within 24 hours. 

So will you join me? Can't wait to see you this Monday! Share in the comments section your Periscope handle or a topic you'd like me to chat about for a future Sensational Monday.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Sensationally yours,