Happy Wedding Wednesday! This month, as we continue to celebrate love and marriage, we are featuring a few sensational couples who have become apart of the Sensational Soirees family. Today, we would like you to meet sensational couple, Jennell and Brad, who are getting hitched next year. The beautiful couple plans to host a sensational wedding that exudes romance and non-stop celebration!  Read on to see what we learned about these two love birds... "Computer Love"


How did you meet? We met on the social site MySpace. Brad commented on a picture of my friends and I at a cookout, asking if he could come to the next one. We began to message one another daily and had our first date soon after.

When did you know you were meant to be? After 8 years of dating, it is hard to identify that defining "moment." While writing this feature, I asked Brad to choose a moment, and he says "I knew you were the one when I started doing things I had never done before." I asked like what and he states "when I gave you a foot massage and you know I hate feet."

Describe the proposal. Brad proposed at our son's 2nd birthday party and I was in complete "shock!" I never knew it would happen just 2 weeks after going ring shopping. Brad says "that occasion was chosen because it is one of the few moments that both our family and friends would be in attendance and I would least expect it."

What do you believe is the key to a successful relationship? We believe communication, date nights, compromising and friendship are the keys to a successful relationship.


Love is truly such a beautiful thing! We are so excited for these two, and are enjoying being apart of their journey to the aisle.

Sensationally yours,