Last week, I so enjoyed being introduced to a new! Who better to show me how to work my DSLR camera than my friendor, Rhea of Rhea Whitney Photography

Over the past year, Rhea and I have become friends, colleagues and she is the photographer behind my headshots conveying the Sensational Soirees brand. She recently launched a new service, Photobomb by Rhea Whitney Photography, which provides introductory photography training to creatives. While I have no desire to become a professional photographer, I knew I could benefit from some hands on training. Why you ask? As a blogger, quality images for my posts are essential, so knowing how to capture the images I need on my own is so helpful. Additionally, as a planner and designer, being able to capture behind the scenes shots of my work is so necessary. 

Photobomb was just what I needed to better understand the features on my camera, as well as tips and tricks to capture great images. Rhea provided me with the fundamentals of photography, and I was able to put the tips she shared into action right then and there. Check out a couple test shots I captured:

My time of learning with Rhea was so informative and lots of fun, too! I was even able to be apart of the promo filming for Photobomb. While I will of course continue utilizing the services of professional photographers for my events and business needs, the training was extremely helpful, and I strongly encourage other creatives in the DMV area to take part in this. If you too love learning new ways to enhance your business, contact Rhea to learn more about this awesome training.

What are some skills you are interested in learning for your business or brand? Share in the comments section. I'll go first, I really want to learn more about calligraphy, and hope to take another course this fall. I can't wait to hear about your learning interests!

Sensationally yours,