It's Tips Tuesday! For all my fellow creatives and boss ladies, it is so important that our businesses and brands stand for something. Today, I'm chatting about core values, and why they are so important.

Photo Credit: Rekita Nicole

Photo Credit: Rekita Nicole

So what are core values you ask? For me, they are the beliefs and fundamentals for my business, that guide me in achieving my personal definition of success. Core values should tie into who you are as a person and what you want your business to represent. I attended the Intrigued Experience in February (which I'll be recapping on Thursday), and I was so inspired by Heather Crabtree's presentation "Being a Lotus in a Sea of Peony". Through Heather's session, I was challenged to finally develop and put my core values down on paper. 

As we continue to grow our brands, certain values should always remain true. Heather also noted that sharing your core values on your website is very important, so that your clients, blog readers and all others connecting with you can get a better feel for both you and your business. That being said, I'm so happy to share my 10 core values: 

  1. Give My Best - I adore my business, clients, family + friends, and community. You all deserve my best, and I intend to give it to you.

  2. Work With Passion - When you love what you do, it should show. I strive to never let my fire burn out and to pursue each day, each wedding and event, each blog post, all with passion.

  3. Listen and Learn - I'm eager to listen intently to my clients dreams, so I can bring them to life. Along with listening, a continued focus on education and growth will remain paramount.

  4. Share and Care - As the saying goes, sharing is caring. Whether during a planning session or a networking event, I aim to share my expertise, smile and positivity.

  5. Have Fun - Both life and business are better when you're having fun. So let's get this party started!

  6. Pursue Innovation + Creativity - Change, fresh ideas and an open mind are a few of the key ingredients to any creative's growth. Nothing great is built from comfort zones, right?! So I'm committed to pushing myself and the creative juices.

  7. Build Great Relationships - I'm beyond grateful for the amazing relationships I have with my clients and fellow creatives. I look forward to connecting more with others on my entrepreneurial journey, and even making lifelong friendships.

  8. Stay Gracious + Humble - I recognize the source of my strength and the power of community and teamwork, which will continue to keep me grounded.

  9. Dream and Believe - Whether it's a challenging or amazing day, I dare to keep dreaming and believing. Can't stop, won't stop!

  10. Be Sensational - By definition, this means be exceedingly or unexpectedly great. Life is what you make it, and I seek to chase after all the greatness God has in store for my life and business.

Photo Credit: Tamara Pizzeck Photography

Photo Credit: Tamara Pizzeck Photography

Now I'm challenging you - bloggers, boss ladies and all others building their brand - take some time this week to define your core values if you haven't already. Writing them down has truly allowed me to look more intentionally at the way in which I do business, and sharing these values with you also makes me accountable. Hey, a part of community is being accountable to one another, right? So share 1 or 2 of your core values in the comments section, so we can all be inspired and motivated by one another.

Don't forget to check back in Thursday to find out some more great things I learned during the Intrigued Experience, and there just might be some floral eye candy, too! 

Sensationally yours,