Today is the last day of June, so we are celebrating a successful first half of the year! We have truly enjoyed working with our amazing clients over the past 6 months, and it was a joy to help bring their sensational soirees to life. We are beyond excited for our remaining 2015 events, and encourage you to continue checking out our blog as we have new event recaps and more sensational features coming soon. halfyear

As we reflect on January through June, we're not only celebrating our accomplishments but also reevaluating ways to make the last half of the year even better than the first half. In order to make July through December absolutely sensational, here are some things we believe you should keep in mind:

1) Revisit your vision board and goals set at the beginning of the year - My notebook in the photo above is something I review weekly to keep track of how well I'm doing with reaching each goal I set back in January. A notebook or "goals book" is also great to carry around daily to write down all those genius, new ideas and goals that will come to you throughout the year. Along with your goals book, if you created a vision board in January ensure it is placed somewhere in your home or office where you can refer to it often for visual inspiration. And guess what, if you don't have a vision board it's not too late to make one to keep you motivated for the last half of the year.

2) Start your mornings off right - This is crucial because a bad morning can potential ruin your entire day. Therefore, it's so important to wake up with a positive attitude each day. Also, it is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so be to sure to have a nice healthy one to get you going. Other things I incorporate in my mornings are prayer, motivational or upbeat music and taking my daily vitamins. One aspect that I plan to incorporate in my mornings going forward is a morning jog with my dog and/or exercise. As we get older, stay healthy has to be a priority!

3) Prioritize and set a schedule/routine - If you wear many hats, such as mom, wife, entrepreneur and more, prioritizing is key to maintaining your success in all aspects of your life. Sometimes you might feel like a busy bee, but prioritizing will help you to manage each day with much more ease. At the beginning of the year, I synced my calendar with my business email and it has been a lifesaver for keeping my weekly schedule in order. For my family, we keep a calendar on our fridge that we update with our work schedules, activities for the kids, date nights and anything else we have going on. Along with prioritizing and scheduling, having a weekly routine is important such as blogging on certain days, calling vendors on another day, and site visits on another day. Yes, in business and your personal life things come up where you have to adjust your schedule, but you will be far more successful by having a general weekly routine in place to begin with. While you schedule all of your meetings and work and family obligations, be sure to also schedule some time for rest and "me time", too. Summer is here, so scheduling a vacation is definitely in order to unwind and soak up the sun!

We hope these tips will help you to finish this last half of the year sensationally! Share with us other tips you would add to our list in the discussion section of this post.

Sensationally yours,