As we mentioned last week, the summer wedding season is upon us. So many brides and grooms are completing final details keepcalmand payments, guests are mailing in their RSVP cards and picking out what to wear, and the bridal party is going for their final fittings and hosting showers and nights of fun. While this should be an exciting and upbeat time, many brides will tell you that it can be somewhat hectic and stressful on them. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. Weddings and the final months leading up to the big day should be most enjoyable, so we came up with a few tips to help brides and everyone crossing their path… “Keep Calm and Marry On”!

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1) “Woosah”- If you’ve seen the 2003 hit movie “Bad Boys II”, then you know all about this concept. If not, “woosah”  simply means to relax, take a deep breath and let things go. If you’re nervous about fitting into your wedding gown, stressing over writing your vows, or developing a headache over the seating chart, then take a moment to “woosah”. Remember, this special time should be enjoyable, so find time for relaxation and fun activities with your fiancé and friends, as this will help take your mind off planning periodically and alleviate the stress that tries to creep in. Perhaps, you may also want to incorporate some of the following along the way: 1) take a trip to the spa, 2) go jogging, 3) relax and have meditative thoughts over some chamomile tea, or 4) indulge in a little retail therapy…a few new clothes and shoes never hurt anybody ;-); within reason of course (we wouldn’t want to blow the budget and add more stress).  Whatever helps to keep you calm, make time for those things!

2) Write things down – When many women become pregnant, they develop “preggo brain” where they can’t seem to hardly remember anything. Well, brides can tend to forget things as well.  After all, you are juggling tons of details in your mind. To avoid missing appointments, overlooking vendor bookings, etc., we suggest that you write things down. You may want to consider using a small planner that you can carry in your purse and whip out whenever you need to jot down some info or you may even find it helpful to enter appointments and notes in your phone or IPAD/tablet. Keeping your “to do” list in order will definitely help to keep you calm.

3) Prioritize your “wedding wish list” and budget – Even a couple months before the wedding, some brides can have quite an extensive “wish list” that they’re working towards, which is totally fine. However, it’s important to keep budget in mind to avoid stress on yourself, fiance and parents if they are contributing financially. We suggest prioritizing your wish list to the extent of “order of importance,” then determine what things you are able to pursue within the realm of your budget. This practice will help you put things into perspective and focus on the items that are most significant to you.  Also, try setting a mental cut off period for your wish list because let’s be honest you will always have great ideas and see things that you want for your wedding. Setting a timeline for yourself will help you to lessen your to-do list and ultimately stress.

4) Utilize the Wedding Planner – Some brides want so desperately to do it all by themselves, but beware, that can lead you to burn out and the phrase to be avoided… “I can’t wait until the wedding is over.”  Your wedding planner is there to help you, so utilize their services and help to the fullest. They are the experts and more often than not will have the answers to all your questions, so rather than searching high and low yourself for the things you need, contact your planner to assist with the final months. Do you have some invited guests that didn’t RSVP or who want to bring uninvited guests? Call your planner for advice on how to handle the situation or better yet, have them correspond with those guests.  Take yourself out of the loop, when possible.  Are you stressed because you haven’t chosen a wedding planner? Consider choosing a “day of wedding coordinator” to help ensure the big day flows flawlessly.  Of course, Sensational Soirees welcomes the opportunity to serve you.  We’re only a click and a call away… click here.

5) Utilize the Bridal Party – Just as we suggest you utilize your wedding planner, likewise we suggest you utilize your bridal party. Why stress assembling favors, stuffing invitations, and shopping all alone. Gather up your girls for a shopping trip to find the last minute things you need or host a favor assembling party…and you can treat them by serving up a bite to eat! Your bridesmaids are there to stand by you, not only at the altar, but through the entire bridal experience.

6) Focus on saying “I DO” – Last but certainly not least, when stress and worry creeps in, focus on saying “I DO”. Imagine the joy you will feel when you walk down the aisle, exchange vows and say I do to the love of your life. Reflect on the fun you will have with your loved ones at the reception, and if you’re honeymooning after the wedding, definitely focus on the enjoyment you will have in paradise. Although a wedding is one of the most special days in your life, don’t let the planning details bog you down; instead focus on the beauty of becoming one.

Your wedding day will be just as beautiful as the love you and your mate share, so be sure to “Keep Calm and Marry On”!


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