Happy Wedding Wednesday! 

For all of my newly engaged and perhaps soon to be engaged couples, today's post is just for you! :) 

First off, congrats on your engagement! How exciting?! Planning a wedding is an amazing experience, but even more amazing is spending the rest of your life with your soulmate. I celebrate with you in your decision to make your love last a lifetime.

So you're engaged...now what? If you're in the phase of not knowing what to do next, I'm happy to share my top 3 tips for what you may want to consider doing.

Photo Credit: SC Stockshop

Photo Credit: SC Stockshop



Now that you've said "YES", it's a great idea to just enjoy your engagement for a few weeks or more before you hit the ground running with wedding planning. This time will allow you and your love the opportunity to enjoy each other, think about your future together, and share the news with loved ones.

Whether you plan to get hitched shortly after the engagement or perhaps will wed in a year or two to give you more time to iron out the wedding details (and your budget), be sure to enjoy the wedding planning process and preparing for marriage!

Photo Credit: Dave McIntosh Photographics

Photo Credit: Dave McIntosh Photographics


Now that you've taken the time to enjoy the initial engagement excitement, it's time to get down to the business of wedding planning! I strongly suggest sitting down with your fiancΓ© to discuss your collective vision and desires for the wedding. Think about the important planning topics, such as date options, intimate versus large wedding, location, wedding style and more. 

Wedding blogs, magazines and Pinterest are great resources to begin determining the things that appeal to you; however, be careful not to overload on these resources if you find that you get easily overwhelmed with everything in "wedding world".

As you discuss initial plans, considering your budget and how you will or can realistically invest in your wedding is extremely important. Your budget can drive several factors such as date, guest count, venue and design. The current average cost of a wedding is $35,329, reported by The Knot, so as you dream up your wedding vision also keep your budget in mind and discuss with parents that may be contributing.

Photo Credit: Rekita Nicole

Photo Credit: Rekita Nicole


I know what you're probably thinking - shameless plug for Sensational Soirees. But I PROMISE this isn't. I too was once a bride, and when I went through the planning process there was no way I could've done it without the help of a planner.

Whether you plan to be very hands-on or somewhat hands-off with the wedding details, it's important to hire a wedding planner for many reasons. to include but not limited to: 

1. Our wedding industry expertise, as we help you navigate through important wedding planning decisions, which can help save you time and money.
2. Our experience to guide you through the planning process, while making sure nothing is forgotten along the way.
3. Our partnership in being dedicated to you, your vision and management on wedding day, so you can enjoy yourself stress-free.

Additionally, a planner who is also a designer, like myself, brings added value to the table in being able to design the beauty and details of your day, and provides expert insight on the cost to bring your vision to life. Designers have great vendor relationships, so that you have a team working together, while you relax, to make your day all you wish for and more.

While parents and the bridal party are of great support to a couple, nothing can replace the true value of a wedding planner right there on your side, helping to bring your wedding day dreams to life!

Photo Credit: Rhea Whitney Photography

Photo Credit: Rhea Whitney Photography

I hope you find these tips to be helpful! If you'd like a copy of my guide "I'm Engaged, Now What?" you can download it here, and feel free to tell an engaged friend! And if you're newly engaged, share in the comments below, so I can congratulate you!

Sensationally yours,