Happy Tuesday! Today, we are especially happy to share our recent interview with Highway to Hill Flowers, as a part of our May Flowers blog theme. I've seen Highway to Hill's expertise and beautiful arrangements first-hand, as I’ve had the pleasure of attending a floral arranging class instructed by Jennifer Oliver, the owner of this Washington, D.C. floral design studio. If you are in the market for flowers for your wedding, events or special occasions, read on to view our interview and a few photos of Highway to Hill Flowers work below: hwy2hill_1

Sensational Soirees: What attracted you to the floral industry? Highway to Hill Flowers: I have a background in fine arts, and I’ve always loved working with flowers. I’ve worked in Graphic Design for many years, but missed the hands-on connection that I found in art, and flowers has helped create a bridge between art and design.

Sensational Soirees: How and when did you start Highway to Hill Flowers? Highway to Hill Flowers: I started Highway to Hill Flowers about five years ago, doing wedding flowers for friends. I was fortunate to have a number of (very trusting!) friends who allowed me to work on flowers for their event. It means so much to be part of a couple’s special day, and even more so when you know them as friends first!

Sensational Soirees: What sets you apart from other florists in the Washington, D.C. area? Highway to Hill Flowers: I think my background in art and design informs my approach to flowers. Beyond providing a foundation in composition and color, this training emphasizes the benefits of a structured creative process.

Sensational Soirees: How would you describe your signature style? Highway to Hill Flowers: Lush, romantic and very garden-inspired. I love working with Roses, Peonies, soft silvery-greens and anything with great texture.

Sensational Soirees: Where do you get inspiration for your floral designs? Highway to Hill Flowers: I really enjoy working closely with clients to create pieces that speak to them and to the vision for their event—so a lot of direction starts with that conversation. Beyond that, I think the flowers also help dictate how the arrangements should feel, and I’m usually drawn to the types of colors and textures that work well with garden-inspired designs.

Sensational Soirees: What are your favorite flowers to work with? Highway to Hill Flowers: I love Roses, Peonies, Stock, Hydrangea and lots of greenery. In the summer, Dahlias and Garden Roses are so much fun to work with, and the Fall brings some great color and foliage options.

Sensational Soirees: Do you primarily provide flowers for weddings? Highway to Hill Flowers: We mostly do weddings and events, but I also love to work with local businesses on weekly deliveries. We’ve really enjoyed working with businesses on the Hill like Biker Barre, Elle Lash Bar and Skin Beauty Lounge, and it’s so nice to get feedback from the owners and patrons about our flowers.

Sensational Soirees: What should a client know before meeting with you? Highway to Hill Flowers: I love when our clients bring ideas and inspiration to meetings (pictures, boards, colors, etc), but I’m also happy to help brainstorm ideas based on some of the other details of the event. I realize not everyone thinks about flowers all of the time, and I try to help ease some of the pressure of making these decisions. There are so many options for event flowers, but I think it’s most important for our clients to choose something that really speaks to them.

Sensational Soirees: How can DIY brides and floral design novices find out about your classes? Highway to Hill Flowers: We post our classes on our web store (shop.hwy2hill.com), and advertise through Facebook and Twitter.

Sensational Soirees: What floral trends do you predict for this summer? Highway to Hill Flowers: I think we’ll continue to see a lot of natural, garden-inspired work this Summer. Plenty of Roses, Dahlias and greens—maybe mixed with things like fruit and unusual containers.

hwy2hill_2 hwy2hill_3 hwy2hill_4 hwy2hill_5

We hope you have enjoyed today's floral feature. To see more of Highway to Hill's work, visit their website and connect with them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They can be contacted for floral consultations via email at howdy@hwy2hill.com.

Sensationally yours,