Fall is in full swing, and Halloween is right around the corner! If you have little ones anything like my son, I'm sure they are anxiously awaiting treats and wearing costumes. This was the first year that I've been asked on a daily basis "Is it Halloween yet". I guess buying his costume last week and seeing me prep fun decorations has sparked his excitement. Well I happened to stumble across the perfect solution to his anxious anticipation on Pinterest...a Halloween countdown! Thank you Detail-Oriented Diva for sharing this great printable that can be downloaded here. DSC_0205

To make this a learning opportunity for my son as well, I made the numbers traceable for him since he is working on tracing and writing letters and numbers in school. He was so excited to trace the number 23 and be assured that candy and costumes day is on the way. For 1 night I didn't hear "Is it Halloween yet" lol.

DSC_0224 halloween2 halloween3DSC_0249

I plan to have him trace the numbers every day until Halloween and keep this sign up near the candy station I'm currently prepping. Since he's a youngster, it was important for me to take the spook out of Halloween and focus on the fun of his favorite characters, costumes and of course candy! Therefore, his candy station will be themed around one of his favorites...Spider-Man. Here's a sneak peek of my progress so far. Check back on Halloween for the finished product.


Parents, we hope you too will find this activity helpful with your little ones. Tell us about the costume(s) and fun, non-spooky Halloween idea(s) you have lined up in the discussion section of this post.

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