Happy Wedding Wednesday! During February, as we celebrate love and marriage, we are so happy to feature a few sensational couples who have become apart of the Sensational Soirees family. On the blog this month, we will include love stories from some of our engaged couples, and interviews with some pretty amazing wedding vendors. Today, we would like you to meet sensational couple, Ryan and Brian, who are getting hitched this June in Fort Washington, Maryland. They are planning for a sensational wedding that truly reflects their love story, which can be summed up as beautiful and fun. Read on to see what we learned about these two love birds...



Engagement Photography by Labyrinth Photography

How did you meet? We met at Thurgood Marshall Middle School when we were in the 7th (Ryan) and 8th (Brian) grade. We both liked each other but didn't tell the other, just our friends.

What was your most romantic date? In our beginning months of dating, we would alternate who would plan a date. The most romantic date was when we went on a sightseeing tour boat ride on the Potomac River from Georgetown to Alexandria and back. The sun was setting, there weren't too many people on the boat so it was just overall a romantic ride. rb2

Describe the proposal. January 7, 2014 I (Ryan) graduated with my Masters degree and we planned a graduation dinner to celebrate at Grace Mandarin's at the National Harbor. A lot of people couldn't make it to the graduation because there were not enough tickets so I expected more people to show up at the dinner. As the night when on more people starting to show up to the dinner, people I didn't even invite. But I just assumed Brian, my best friends or my Mom had invited them. As the night went on, everyone wanted me to give a speech so I just said thank you to everyone for coming and always supporting me. Two of our friends got up and spoke and then Brian's best friend Lance introduced Brian to speak. Brian isn't a talker so I was a little confused. He spoke, then gave me a Georgetown cupcake box with a ring box inside, that turned out to be empty! After everyone laughed, including me, Brian got down on his knee with the real box and proposed!

rb4 rb3

What makes your love story so special? The thing that makes our love story so special is that it sometimes feels as though this story has been in the making since middle school. Although our lives took so many different turns and we went down different paths, we never lost contact with one another. The similarities in our names, and the fact that we've known each other since middle school, is just a true sign that soul mates do exist. We truly are each others best friends and biggest supporters.

rb1 rb5

Don't you just love, love?! These two are such a joy to work with, and we can't wait to witness them say "I Do" in June.

Sensationally yours,