You've seen weddings, soirees and more sensational topics shared here on our blog for almost 3 years...whooo hooo! For months, I've been motivated to also share more of my favorites, business tips, inspiration for women, and some fun things along the way. To be honest, for some time I felt I should ONLY share events related content, given my planning career. But surely if I can create my own business and blog, I should be able to create my own rules too, right?!

Image Credit: SC Stockshop

Image Credit: SC Stockshop

In the spirit of #communityovercompetition and sharing a more personal side of me, I want our blog going forward to be a source of inspiration for brides, party hosts, fellow boss ladies, mommies balancing it all, creatives and more! That being said, it's Tips Tuesday, so I'm excited to share some tips that have been useful on my entrepreneurial journey. Yesterday on Periscope, I shared about the importance of education for entrepreneurs and creatives. Like the saying goes, the more you know the more you grow. In order to succeed in your business or craft, a commitment to lifelong learning is so important. Here are the deets on the resources that have been most beneficial to me, some of which are FREE:


Are you considering starting a new career or venture? Or do you simply want to brush up on your skills or learn new ones? Whichever the case, I strongly suggest taking classes. I personally love 1 day hands on classes and then the opposite, online courses. I've taken classes in wedding planning, photography, calligraphy, floral design and more to truly help me learn the many facets of the wedding and event industry. So how do you find out about classes you say? Social media has truly been my friend in finding out about great classes in my area. Three of my favorite classes to date are: 1) Intrigue Tour hosted by Intrigue Designs, 2) Dear Sweetheart Events #ontheroadtofulltime e-course, and 3) Wedding Planning 101 taught by Shelby Tuck Horton.


Conferences are huge for 2 reasons - 1) they generally last 2 or more days, so a lot more information can be absorbed and thus applied, and 2) great opportunities for networking, which in essence can help further your education, as well. While conferences can be an investment, especially when they aren't in your local area, they are truly worth it to foster your growth and get you out of your comfort. Given that there are tons of conferences for creatives and wedding planners specifically, I tend to research them all and decide which ones are going to be best for me in a given year. From there, I'll try to attend other conferences on my list the following year, while also creating an "education budget". This form of prioritizing will allow you to better invest in yourself and growth. Last month, I attended the Intrigued Experience, which was beyond amazing, and I'm hoping to also attend the Coterie Retreat and a few more conferences this year.


Webinars have become my new thing, thanks to the Rising Tide Society. They literally offer a FREE webinar every Thursday evening for creatives and entrepreneurs. All you have to do is sign up here, and then enjoy learning from the comfort of your doesn't get better than that! Another awesome thing I love about webinars is there is a generally a live Q&A session at the end, which is a great way to find out about specific things you want to know in order to grow. Again, social media is a great platform to find out about free webinars.


Last, but certainly not least, blogs are truly a great resource to not only learn from, but also to motivate and inspire you. I enjoy following a variety of blogs that focus on business, family, fashion and more, which also allows me to connect with creatives outside of my area. With blogs, I've found it beneficial to subscribe, so that I'm notified of new posts, receive free ebooks/downloads, and stay up to date with new information and event alerts. I literally read at least 1 blog post everyday, and a few of my favorite bloggers right now are: The Rising Tide Society (love this community and so glad to be apart), Kay AlexHeather Crabtree, and Grit and Virtue.

The more you know, the more you grow.

I hope you find these resources beneficial! Share in the comments section below, other educational resources that have helped you.

While I'll always stay true to sharing the latest in my wedding and soiree world here on the blog, I hope you'll also join me for some good ole' girl talk + tips that have helped me in business and life. So you don't miss a thing, be sure to subscribe here for all things sensational straight to your inbox (don't fret, we won't send spam).

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