A couple weeks ago, we had the pleasure of participating in a Women’s “Chat, Chew and How To” event hosted by the Women’s Ministry at my church. The event featured workshops just for women and a segment where businesses could showcase their services or products. We were all too thrilled to be apart of the event, and had a wonderful time marketing and networking. For our table, we not only shared our business cards, pens and brochures, but we also set up our space as an event design display, so that the ladies could get more of an idea of what we have to offer. Given that it was a morning event, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” immediately came to mind. The whole Audrey Hepburn and Tiffany’s feel is totally chic and sensational, and we wanted that vibe to exude from our display. Thus, “Breakfast at Sensational Soirees” was our theme, and we had so much fun putting everything together. Some of the décor elements we included were jewelry mannequins, Tiffany & Co. boxes, and lots of pearls and bling.

Breakfast at Sensational Soirees could not be complete without breakfast, so we created a donut cake accented with a lace pin for display. We also provided sparkling cider accented with pom drink sticks and boxed and bagged “powdered pearls” (donuts) and “blue-jeweled muffins” (blueberry), which were tied with tiffany blue ribbon. The event was such a success that we had over 30 women subscribe to our mailing list, 3 of which also inquired for upcoming events they would like us to plan! Check out the photos of our display.

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Sensationally Yours,