Happy Monday! This month on the blog, it's all about birthdays. Prior to any birthday soiree, you must first send out your invitations. In today's internet savvy world, many people opt for online birthday invitations, which can be found on popular sites such as Evite, Postmark, Paperless Post, Punchbowl, and Celebrations. Some of the pros of online birthday invitations are: quick and easy creation process, faster response time from guests and low or no cost. Then on the other hand, many people still love to mail birthday invitations. Why you ask? I happen to believe it gives your guests a keepsake and many people view it as a staple for inviting in style. I personally love both online and printed invitations, and choose which I'll use based on the theme of the birthday and my planning timeline. For my son's birthdays, I opt to mail his invitations, as I love to get creative with the design and wording. For me and my husband's birthdays, I tend to go with an online invitation and receive quicker RSVPs going this route.

For my upcoming 30th birthday celebration with my close friends, I chose to send this online invitation, which was $10 at Celebrations:


Today, we are sharing some of our favorite printed birthday invitations, for both kids and adults, that can be purchased in our online store powered by Carlson Craft.

bday1 bday2 bday3 bday5 bday6 bday7 bday8 bday9 bday10 bday11 bday12 bday13

Do you prefer online or printed birthday invitations? Tell us in the discussion section of this post. For your printed invitation needs, visit our online store or email us at info@sensationalsoirees.com for custom invitations.

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