Happy New Year!! Yes, I know I'm a couple weeks late, but hey it's still January, so 2017 is still new and full of possibility. I hope this brand new year is off to a great start for all of you. I can tell you right now, I'm loving 2017 already.

I love the idea of choosing a word(s) to be your personal theme for the year or to highlight your top goal(s). Last year was the first time, I implemented the word theme, and it really paid off. My word for 2016 was victorious, and the year was truly filled with wins! I'm so optimistic about this year, and my 2 words for 2017 reflect that. But before I get into that, I've got to share 2 personal things I've been up to so far this year...

1. Reflect and Refocus Mode

Thanks to the Well Studio's 2017 worksheets, I've been able to reflect on 2016 and all I loved about it and learned from it, while also refocusing my attention on 2017 goals and changes. I have  my completed worksheets up on my wall in my workspace so that I'm constantly reminded of how I want this year to be and to hold myself accountable for sticking to the things I wrote down. If you could use some help reflecting and refocusing, you can grab the worksheets here.

2. Contentment Challenge

Every January, I generally fast from specific things I love, like certain genres of music, TV, certain foods and drinks, and more when my church does its annual 21 day fast. Well, this year I'm doing an extended fast and challenge. Together with other entrepreneurs and women of faith, I'm spending this month through March focusing on Contentment, Generosity, Gratitude and Freedom.  

This contentment challenge, originally created by Nancy Ray in 2013 and now brought back this year by Kat Schmoyer, is such an amazing way for me to start my year free from the unnecessary and laser focused on faith, personal growth and goals, family and business. In a world full of so many things that constantly try to beg for our attention, I'm glad for this time to focus on less. 

I can't wait to share my guidelines and goals for the challenge, which I'm so proud that I'm actually following to the T! The bonus with doing this challenge is connecting with the other ladies participating through our Facebook Group, which is so encouraging for all of us.

Now on to my words for 2017...Bigger + Better

I'm believing that this year is going to be filled with big opportunities and blessings, and that everything in my life will be better than I ever imagined! With words like these, I know I'm setting the bar high for 2017, but like they say "go big or go home"! These words already ringing true for Sensational Soirees, and I can't wait to share more about the bigger and better that has already happened this year!!

I'll be blogging more this year, so hope you follow along to stay in the know of my event and wedding tips and recaps, business education for fellow boss ladies, plus all things sensational and all things Shalyce!

But before I sign off, share your word or words for 2017 below and/or 1 thing you'd love for me to share on the blog this year!

Sensationally yours,