DC Wedding Planning: 8 Tips For Being An Amazing Wedding Guest

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I'm so happy to share today's post, which I hope you find to be very insightful from a couple's and wedding planner's perspective.

A wedding is such a joyous, celebratory event. It joins together family and friends, all in the name of love. Couples, planners and vendors work diligently to produce beautiful, enjoyable and well executed weddings. One of the things I love as a planner is education - whether it's going to trainings or coaching my couples and peers. Well today, I'm happy to share some tips for wedding guests! 

Photo Credit: Mandi Mitchell Photography

Photo Credit: Mandi Mitchell Photography

Whether these are tips you already know or perhaps some you've never considered, I hope they equip or refresh wedding guests on ways to help the couple during the planning process and to show up in love and support on wedding day. There are so many great tips to be shared on this topic, but here are my top eight:

1. Be timely with rsvps and arriving to the wedding

In this busy, on the go world we live in, returning a rsvp card might unintentionally fall to the bottom of your to do list. However, wedding guests are encouraged to make this a priority. Why? It's essential for the couple, caterer, wedding planner and other vendors in accurately accounting for meals, seating, and many of the wedding day details. Whether you can attend or not, do the couple (and vendors) a favor and respond with your gladly accepts or regretfully  declines by the requested deadline. Also, don't forget to write your name on the line allotted for you on the rsvp card.

Also, on-time arrival to the wedding is so important. Here's a tip - plan to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the ceremony start time. This will give you plenty of time to sign the guest book, locate the gift table, freshen up your lipstick and find a seat before the processional begins. If you arrive 30 minutes or more early, kindly understand it's unlikely that you will be able to seated, as doors generally are not opened until 15-30 minutes prior to the ceremony. On the flipside, should you arrive late, also kindly understand that you will not be able to be seated until the wedding party and couple has processed in or you may be unable to be seated for the ceremony (based on the couple's preference for late arrivals). So in short, plan for traffic and make every effort to be there on time to joyfully celebrate with the couple. 

Photo Credit: LaJoy Photography

Photo Credit: LaJoy Photography

2. Notify of any food allergies/dietary restrictions

Along with sending in your rsvp, there may be an option for you to select an entree choice, depending on the couple's catering options. If by chance the couple has opted to serve guests the same meal, caterers can of course still accommodate those with food allergies and dietary restrictions. Should you be vegan, vegetarian, allergic to nuts, or have any other accommodations that need to be made for your meal, kindly notify the couple or wedding planner when you rsvp. The last thing we want is for any guests to have a reaction or become ill at the reception. If you don't have food allergies or dietary restrictions, it is recommended to refrain from requesting special meals or changing the entree you selected on the day of. Additionally, please be understanding that caterers typically do not box up uneaten or leftover food for guests to take home, like a restaurant, so it's recommended not to make this request.

Photo Credit: Rhea Whitney

Photo Credit: Rhea Whitney

3. Refrain from bring uninvited guests

Ok folks, if you want to be an amazing wedding guest, you will shoot to the top of the list by only bringing invited guests. I get it, sometimes you may want to bring a date but you weren't given the plus one option, or perhaps you were unable to secure childcare for your child...regardless of the scenario, it's so important that the number of guest(s) for your invitation be adhered to.

In addition, it's important not to assume that a plus one or other family members were invited just because you were (with the exception of your spouse who the invitation should already be addressed to). The general rule is whomever the outer envelope of the invitation was addressed to are the only invited person(s). For example, if an invitation was addressed Mr. and Mrs. Sean Carter, they wouldn't assume that Blue Ivy, Sir and Rumi can attend, otherwise their names would have been listed, too. For unmarried guests, if you are extended a plus one it should say for example Mr. John Doe and Guest (or the invited guest's name). 

Let's show the couple love and support by respecting their guest list wishes and not requesting to be invited or taking it upon yourself to invite others to come with you. Additionally, swapping out invited guests for uninvited guests is also highly discouraged. Save yourself the hassle of having an uninvited guest turned away at the reception because the wedding planner will respect the couple's wishes.

4. Be mindful of the hired pros

When the couple has hired quality professional wedding vendors, rest assured that you are in for a treat at the wedding, but also that the couple is in good hands and their wedding wishes will be executed. To that end, it is important to be mindful of the couple's hired pros. A few ways you can do this are:

  • Avoid blocking the photographers and cinematographers view. The couple has likely invested in top notch vendors (they have if they are a sensational couple), so the last thing they want is Aunt Jane, Uncle John and Cousin Joe standing in the aisle taking photos and going live on Instagram obstructing the vendors view and worse being in the vendors shots. We get it, you want to capture memories of your loved ones day too, but please know that it's first most important for the vendors to do their job without obstruction. If it is not an unplugged wedding, feel free to take photos in your seat, at your table, and with the couple and guests at an appropriate time.

  • Avoid suggesting changes or additions to the flow of the wedding day. Perhaps there are family traditions you would love to see at the wedding or maybe you've attended many weddings and have great ideas that you think could be utilized. While the ideas may be great, understand the planner can not implement changes or additions to the wedding. We have worked hard to gather all of the couple's wishes and the couple has entrusted us to execute that vision alone.

  • Avoid asking the DJ for song requests. I'm a huge music lover, and many wedding guests are too, so naturally you want to hear your song! And that's totally fine. However, understand that the couple has provided the DJ with the genres of music they like and in many cases specific songs and artists they want to hear. Therefore, allow the DJ the opportunity to not only fulfill the couple's wishes, but also to display their talent and skill.

5. Consider the wedding style in terms of attire

The only attire rule that used to apply was never wear white to a wedding. However, with so many new wedding trends, in some instances guests are actually invited to wear white or all black, when couples suggest color codes. In other instances, couples have black tie formal weddings or the opposite rustic weddings. In terms of attire, my tip is to consider the style of the wedding in an effort to determine what to wear.

Generally, jeans and super casual attire is a no-no, unless it is specifically requested for guests to come that casual. My personal rule of thumb when no style is inferred, is to A) consider the couple's style, venue(s) and invitation for guidance - if it's a super formal venue or invitation then I dress up a bit more, B) generally defer to a dress, and C) my husband generally defers to a suit (if it's not a beach wedding).

Photo Credit: Rhea Whitney

Photo Credit: Rhea Whitney

6. Get out on the dance floor

Don't be a party pooper, get out on the dance floor (of course if you have a health issue this doesn't apply)! Now if you're not the dancing type, no worries. My recommendation is to at least get out there for 1 song, and enjoy cake and conversing with other guests in the meantime. Additionally, if it's an evening wedding, and perhaps you are unable to stay until the end, try to hang around for as long as you can. After all, if everyone leaves early, that would be no fun for the couple, right?! Most of my sensational couples look forward to having a great time on the dance floor with their guests, so don't disappoint them :)

Photo Credit: Rhea Whitney

Photo Credit: Rhea Whitney

7. Show the love

After working for nearly a year or more on their wedding, couples are excited for the culmination of the wedding planning. Show them your love and support for their new life together, by not only showing up to the wedding, but extending personal congrats to the couple. The most common way to do this is to bring a card and wedding gift from their wedding registry or a monetary gift. Additionally, when the opportunity presents itself, tell the couple how happy you are for them, how nice the wedding is/was, and how amazing they look. After all, who doesn't love well wishes and compliments right?!

Photo Credit: LaJoy Photography

Photo Credit: LaJoy Photography

8. Enjoy yourself

Last but not least, all couples want their wedding guests to have an amazing time, so enjoy yourself! Soak up the moments celebrating your loved ones, seeing friends and family, eating a delicious meal, hopping in the photobooth and hitting the dance floor. Many couples work hard to personalize their weddings and create an amazing guest experience, so enjoy it all! When I'm not planning a wedding, I fully enjoy being a wedding guest, as it's a 2 for 1 deal - celebrating people I love and date night with hubby :)

Alright folks, that's my top eight, and I hope you enjoyed them! In the comments section, tell me what you think, and any other tips you would add to this list.

Sensationally yours,




DC Wedding Planning: 10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner - Pt. 2

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I've received such great feedback on last week's post, and today I'm back with part 2, sharing the last 5 of my top 10 reasons to hire a wedding planner. So let's jump right into it, and you can check out part 1 here, in case you missed it.

Photo Credit:  Rhea Whitney

Photo Credit: Rhea Whitney


By now, you've got a Pinterest board filled with inspiration, flipped through tons of wedding magazines, and have hit that heart button on all the fabulous wedding photos on Instagram. Whether you've fully determined a wedding vision, style and/or theme or perhaps just have a color scheme in mind, a professional planner, especially one who is also a wedding designer like myself, is equipped to support you in developing and executing your vision. While many of the steps you may have taken like creating a Pinterest board are helpful in identifying your interests, a planner will help to take your interests and build upon that to create a personalized and cohesive vision. From the save the dates, to the wedding website, to the flow of the wedding day, to the florals, linens, and attire, all elements of your wedding should tell a story - your story. Equally important, the elements of your wedding should all be cohesive. 

Once the vision has been developed, a planner also ensures it's executed. From providing floral, rental and lighting vendors, to presenting custom stationery and out of the box personalized details and more, a planner takes the leg work out of the design process for you. We are skilled in creating amazing weddings and have a talented network of professional vendors on hand to assist us bringing any vision to life. Thus, on wedding day, you can walk in wowed by your vision coming to life, and relaxed because you left the job to a professional.


I've never met a couple that wanted to keep up with all the vendors and parties involved with the wedding. Let's face it, for the couple, planning a wedding is supposed to be fun - rightfully so. A planner is so valuable in managing communication with the venue and wedding vendors, so you don't have to spend your engaged days on the phone and emailing multiple vendors 24/7. We manage the implementation of your wedding wishes with the various vendors and keep you in the loop of important matters and what is needed from you; thus, keeping the process simple and stress-free. Additionally, we keep the wedding party notified of important details, as it's important that they are familiar with the planner prior to the wedding. In short, we streamline the process by serving as the point of contact for the important wedding matters.


While the checklists they provide online and in wedding magazines are a good gauge for some of the things that have to be done when planning a wedding, those lists aren't the end all be all. I can't tell you the amount of times my couples have said the phrase, "Wow, I didn't know that" when I share a task to be done or provide insight on certain wedding questions. A wedding planner can be considered a form of insurance, as we help ensure that everything that needs to be done for your wedding is actually done, and we double check everything.

Tasks like reconciling rsvps to verify the accurate guest count and against the floorplan and seating chart, reviewing vendor contracts for accuracy and so that you are covered, proofing invitation verbiage and proper guests addressing (not to mention verifying the invitation weight before mailing), and so much more are all examples of a wedding planner's skills to ensure all the planning tasks and the wedding day goes off without a hitch. Just like owning a car and not having insurance is risky, likewise, planning a wedding without a planner is a huge gamble on your most special day.


I'm a huge advocate for couples enjoying their engagement (while the planner manages the big stuff), and especially enjoying their wedding day. The last thing you want to do is be worried about what happens next and who is doing what on your wedding day. It would be difficult to have an enjoyable and stress-free wedding if you a) don't have a professional planner to manage the full wedding day, or b) hire an amateur to coordinate your day, who in turn could be just as detrimental as not having a planner at all.

By having a professional planner manage your wedding day, you can find comfort in having your day well executed and running on time. In addition, your wedding day wishes will be implemented, while you simply celebrate and enjoy joining together as one with the love of your life. Exactly how it should be! 

You can be at ease while getting your hair and makeup done - your planner has confirmed the needed end time with your stylist and makeup artist. You don't have to wrangle the wedding party - your planner has given everyone their marching orders and the timeline, and is ensuring throughout the day that everyone is good to go. You don't have to worry about if the flowers have arrived or where the DJ is - your planner has communicated thoroughly with all vendors and is working on site with them to get the wedding set-up flawlessly. You don't have to worry about the processional, ceremony or reception agenda being executed - you've worked with your planner for quite sometime and they have all of your wishes and the timeline for the day, which will be executed seamlessly. As a planner I'm so invested in my couples and the success of their big day!


Last but certainly not least, having a planner means having an advocate for your sanity and happiness. After all, this is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life, right?! A planner's job is first and foremost to get to know you the couple, so we can best serve you. Your happiness is our happiness, so assessing your needs and wishes is paramount, and from there working hard to meet your needs. Professional planners are inventive, organized, creative, critical thinkers, problem solvers, sometimes therapists, passionate, and best of all knowledgeable about your wedding and the business of managing weddings. We are advocates for you and your blissful journey to marriage, and help to ensure that your planning process is enjoyable and your wedding day is exactly how you've planned for it, and in our case, absolutely sensational! So keep calm and hire a planner! It goes without saying, Sensational Soirees is here and would love to serve and support you!

Those are my top 10 reasons for hiring a planner! I hope they were insightful, and shed light on what we offer couples and our passion in doing what we love! Tell me what you think in the comments section. For questions regarding Sensational Soirees planning services, please contact us here, and you can learn about my approach to planning here. I can't wait to support you on your journey to 'I do'!

Sensationally yours,




DC Wedding Planning: 10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner - Pt. 1

Engagement season is in full swing, and my timeline was buzzing with beautiful proposals over the holidays! So in honor of the first Wedding Wednesday of 2018, today we're talking about wedding planning.

If you're wondering what you should do after your love pops the question, there are 3 steps I recommend here. Obviously, one of those 3 steps is to hire a planner. Why you ask? I'm so happy to tell you exactly why, hence today's post. Maybe you already know that you will definitely hire a planner for your big day, or perhaps you're questioning if it's worth the investment. There might be others of you who believe your venue, family members and/or friends can help you handle everything. Whether you are in one of these groups or maybe somewhere in the middle, today's post is here to shed light on the role of a wedding planner, why we're irreplaceable and how we add real value to couples. 

Photo Credit:  LaJoy Photography

Photo Credit: LaJoy Photography

This is a topic I'm so passionate about and could literally talk about all day, but to save you from excess reading, I'm breaking this up into 2 parts, so here's 5 of 10 reasons to hire a wedding planner: 


When you hire a wedding planner, you will in turn receive: a wedding advisor to lend expertise and insight, worker bee committed to you and the execution of ALL the wedding plans, a bridal bestie to share the excitement with, a visionary to deliver concepts to wow you, and an advocate for your wedding day dreams come true and marriage.

Many times newly engaged couples assume that family, friends or a venue appointed coordinator can fulfill the same role of a professional wedding planner. While the support of loved ones and your wedding party is wonderful, they are there to support you while a planner is there to be the source you can depend on to ensure your wedding is everything you hope for and much more. After all, that is not only our job, but our passion. We have so much experience in executing weddings, and we remain educated on all things wedding, which makes us both knowledgeable and reliable.

Many venues and caterers are offering day of coordinators that are sometimes referred to as wedding planners. However, any coordinator or planner from a venue or caterer is not the same as a professional wedding planner. A day of coordinator provided by the venue is an asset to couples and wedding planners in managing logistics from a venue and catering perspective, and I enjoy working with them. Given a planner's wedding logistics expertise and dedication to the couple, we thrive in managing ALL elements of your wedding so that it reflects you and your vision. A venue or caterer appointed coordinator will limit their service to the realm of what impacts the venue or caterer, while a planner will be involved with each aspect of the wedding from beginning to end.


This point perfectly segways from my first point, as your wedding planner is the one who will happily manage all the details for your wedding. Whether you have a small or large wedding, there are several details that go into planning a wedding such as choosing your color palette, picking out stationery, deciding on special elements to be incorporated, receiving and tracking RSVPs and much more. As the couple, it would be overwhelming for you to handle these details on your own, which is why a planner is there to lead this process and keep things organized along the way.


How much do flowers cost? How much should I estimate for catering? What else needs to be factored in the wedding budget? These are questions that couples will ask themselves and not have an answer for without having a planner. Sure, your vendors and venue will provide you with a proposal highlighting their service fees and rates. But only a planner will equip you with a comprehensive budget projection at the very start of the planning process.

It is very risky to begin booking a venue and vendors without an overall wedding budget or knowledge of what goes into a wedding budget to begin with. For example, if you book a venue and caterer that equals up to $30,000, but you later determine that you only want to spend $35,000 on the entire wedding, you will certainly be in a big predicament. Which is why the very first thing I discuss with my couples is their budget.

We will discuss the amount of money you want to spend on the wedding, and then in turn I will offer up average estimates for your wishes (tailored to your wedding style) and all the wedding budget categories - DJ, favors, photography, you name it. Furthermore, if your wishes don't align with the money you intend to invest in the wedding, then we revisit the budget and your wishlist until we are able to find a workable solution. In addition, for full-service wedding clients you get the added benefit of budget management throughout the process to ensure you stay on target with your vision and budget goals. The value of budget insight is truly priceless.


Planners are skilled in our ability to keep things organized, which makes for a stress-free planning experience. Couples find us valuable for so many reasons, and our knowledge of what tasks need to be done during the planning process is one of them. Often times newly engaged couples may only know that they have to secure wedding attire, venue and vendors, and decor. Then their stress comes into play when they don't realize floorpans need to be created, how to secure wedding insurance, how to properly address wedding invitations, how the wedding day will flow from start to finish, and more. However, as planners, we ward off the stress for couples by being knowledgeable of what is needed for a couple's wedding day and leading the planning process to ensure that everything gets done and at the right time. We go beyond those Pinterest checklists, and execute the important planning.

One of the things that my couples love is our online planning portal where the guest list, seating chart, checklist, vendor contacts, inspirational photos, contracts and so much more are housed. Additionally, they love that this is a system that I update frequently, and they can log on at anytime 24/7 to see everything related to their wedding in a clear, concise and orderly format. As a couple, your job is to enjoy the process, not be stressed with managing all the plans - therefore we take care of them for you.


In our Internet and social media driven world, it's quite easy to Google or hashtag search for anything or anyone. You could easily Google Washington DC wedding venues and find a long list of places. However, does weeding through a long list of places or vendors sound like fun to you? It doesn't to any of my clients, which is a part of the reason why they hire me. While they may know of some vendors or venues that they are interested in, they want to be sure that these places and companies are reputable and to receive other venue and vendor recommendations that I have.

As planners, we are known for working with amazing vendors and also networking with new vendors. Coupled with that, we are knowledgeable of our clients and the specific needs of their weddings; therefore, we are equipped to make the right venue and vendor recommendations for your event, instead of just a random list based on a generic search. For example, if I know a couple loves water, then I help them to personalize their day by incorporating their love for water by recommending waterfront venues or perhaps just doing a waterfront engagement session with an amazing photographer skilled in that type of scenery.

In addition to providing access to these reputable vendors, as a planner, I also communicate with them on your behalf. I understand couples are busy and want to avoid stress, so reaching out to multiple vendors and venues could be overwhelming for a couple, which is why we establish those initial touch points to gain the vendors availability and more information on their services to further assess if they are a match and available before even sending a couple's way. Again, a planner is there to add value and streamline the process for both our couples and vendors. 

I hope this post helped you understand more of what planners bring to the table, as the glue that helps keep all your wedding plans together. Stay tuned for part 2 on the next 'Wedding Wednesday'! Share below which of my 5 points you find to be most valuable. 

Sensationally yours,




Christmas Came Early

Happy Monday, and 1 week countdown to Christmas! I don't know about you, but I am full of holiday cheer! After all, it's the most wonderful time of the year, and I'm in full swing setting goals for the new year. Well, this holiday season there are 5 more things I'm loving and celebrating (plus some things you'll love too)!

1. The debut issue of B Inspired The Magazine
I have several reasons to be excited about this epic magazine filled with 300+ pages of stunning weddings, celebrations, styled shoots and expert articles. And 1 of those reasons is yours truly is featured in this magazine! With the help of some of my amazing friendors, a beautiful editorial I planned is gracing the pages of B Inspired. Do yourself a favor and pre-order the magazine today here, and be sure to grab one for a friend when it hits newsstands the day after Christmas!


2. Christmas Shopping Online (plus cash back!)
I primarily do most of my shopping online, especially when it comes to Christmas gift giving. It saves me so much time, and takes the stress out of shopping. Well, I recently learned of another incentive to shop online - cash back through Ebates! I've already earned $40 in less than a month, simply by shopping where I normally shop and clicking the ebates button when I do! You can sign up for FREE here, and start earning cash back on your purchases from stores/sites like Walmart, Macy's, Amazon, Sak's Fifth Avenue, Ugg, Old Navy, MAC, Expedia, Marriott...need I go on?! You can thank me later :)


3. I'm loving my mom's 55th birthday photo shoot
I'm trying to find the fountain of youth she drank from! I hope I can slay like this at 55! The one thing my mom wanted for her birthday was some updated photos of herself and our family, and thankfully my good #photograpHER friend, Rhea Whitney, was able to make that happen. Whether for your birthday, wedding or other special event or portrait needs, be sure to call Rhea to get your photos magazine worthy.

black girl magic.jpg

4. Everything Christmas (and these 2 cuties!)
Thanks again to Rhea Whitney because my family can send out season's greetings this year with updated photos! She even has some shots of me and hubby giving engagement shoot vibes! :) I love everything Christmas, and I'm grateful for this season of celebrating the birth of Christ, giving to others, tree trimming, quality time with family and friends and spreading joy!

family holiday photo.jpg

5. Engagement Season
Cue the confetti for engagement season! I always look forward to seeing the proposals fill up my timeline after Christmas, the New Year, and Valentine's Day! Likewise, I love welcoming new couples to the Sensational Soirees family, and planning the wedding of their dreams. We have availability for a few more couples for 2018, and already have some couples booked for 2019! So if you or a friend want to check our date availability and pricing, simply reply to this email or email I'd be happy to send a planning guide your way, too!

dc wedding planner

Welp, that's what I'm loving this season! What are some things you are excited about this season and for the new year? Share in the comments section. I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas! 

Sensationally yours,




Meet Woods & Company

Happy Monday! Today, I'm sharing on wedding stationery and a vendor that you need to know!

Last week, I dished about my experience at the Grace + Ivory preview a few of weeks ago. Well, I not only learned about their great gowns, but was also introduced to stationery company, Woods and Company. They had such a lovely display at the event, and I immediately wanted to learn more about what they can offer for my sensational couples and clients. I reached out to the owner and designer, Sarah Tarantino, who is sharing today about wedding stationery and her amazing company. 




Tell us about you and your business.

My name is Sarah Tarantino, the owner of Woods&Company. I create luxury wedding invitations and stationery, and I LOVE what I do!

I am an interior designer by education and trade, and have always had an eye for design and details. As my career in corporate interiors went on, I found myself drawn to the more graphic design aspects of my job. I also wanted to "own" my own projects. I became really drawn to all the beautiful work that was being done in the wedding industry, particularly with wedding stationery, which was beginning to get very interesting, not the same old black script font on cream card stock! People were getting creative and I LOVED it! So, I started designing invitations and stationery on the side. Really wanting to help people "embellish" their events, I took the leap in 2012 and left the world of interior design behind. I now devote my time to my passion, which is designing beautiful, custom, luxury wedding and event stationery. I help couples get the exact invitation they want. After all, the invitation is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding, it should beautifully reflect your style and personality!

BM Wed-12.jpg

What are the various types of stationery products your offer?

Almost anything you can think of! Invitations, Place Cards, Escort Cards, Seating Charts, Menus, Programs, Signage, Thank You Cards, Save The Dates.

I work with couples on all aspects of their wedding stationery, and I strive to meet all of their needs. If they have an idea of a piece of stationery that they would like for their wedding, I do everything to make it happen.

For example, last year, I had a couple who really wanted their escort cards to be a coaster. So, we designed a really sturdy double thick coaster that had the guest's name and table number on one side, and a message from the bride and groom on the other that said "Trust Us, You Can Dance!", to urge guests to cut a rug when the band started. I LOVED that idea and had such a fun time working on it!


When should couples reach out to you for their wedding stationery and what's the process like?

Couples should reach out about 6 months prior to their wedding. I recommend sending invites 8 weeks prior to their wedding date, and printing usually takes approximately 2 weeks. That leaves ample time for the design process, and so you can get exactly what you want. I want couples saying, "Oh I LOVE it, it's exactly what I had in mind!", and not, "Yeah, I like them."

As far as process goes, there are a few steps:

First, I like to have a really nice conversation with my clients. Whether it's in person, on the phone, or via FaceTime or Skype, I really like to get to know my couples. We talk, of course, about their event (i.e. colors, theme, flowers, setting, etc.), but I also like to really get to know my clients. I want to know their personality, what things they are interested in, what their personal style is. All these things give me a much better picture of who they are and what they will be happy with. Couples are more than their wedding, and I like to produce stationery that reflects who they really are, not just their wedding day.

Second, after our chat, I write up a quote and send it along to the couple. Upon approval of the quote, we are ready to go! At this time, I require a 30% deposit and the preferred wording for their invitations.

Third. The design process!!! The fun part!! WE begin designing, and my clients receive PDF files of what we've been working on as we go through the process. I do not limit how many rounds of design a client can go through, I want everything to be just right. As long as we are still going to meet our deadline, we can revise as much as necessary! Typically, however, the design process is 3-4 rounds. Everything I send can be finessed and adjusted to suit my client's desires. We begin by sending 3-4 design options of the invitations. Once a design is chosen, we finesse the design, and bring the design elements through to the other elements of the invitation suite (rsvp cards, envelopes, liners, etc.). When all is worked out and approved, my client checks it one last time for spelling and correct names, places and times, and then we send to print! Once the suite is printed and QC'd by me, I package it with love and send it along to my clients!


Do you provide addressing as well for invitations?

Yes! Woods&Company can provide printed addresses for both the return addresses and guest addresses.

What are some new stationery trends couples should know about?

What I am seeing a lot of right now are large, classic florals, and florals mixed with bold graphics. Also, neons, dusty rose hues, caliente red, silhouettes, and mixed media (i.e. soft floral images mixed with almost magazine like graphics and bold fonts, letterpress elements mixed with digital printing, etc.).

But, most of all, what I like say to couples is just be YOU!!! Yes, get inspiration from what appeals to you, but if you have an idea of your own, GO FOR IT!!! This is your day to express yourselves, don't do something just because Pinterest says it's cool. BE YOU!


How can couples find you?


Website: (you can sign up on my site for news and events to stay informed of what I'm up to)




Phone: 510-967-5916


Thank you so much Sarah for sharing with us today! Also, special thanks to The Light & Co., Jackie + Jay, Lauren Carnes Photography, and Stephanie Kamerman Photography for the lovely photos of Sarah's work. I can't wait to work with Woods&Company for a sensational wedding. Share in the comments section some new stationery trends you love.

Sensationally yours,