Last week, I celebrated 4 years of Sensational Soirees!! Whooo hoo! Where has the time gone?!

As I'm still celebrating a week and a half later, I can't help but to reflect on this journey. 4 years ago today, I decided to stop sitting on my dreams and instead chase them. I decided that even in a saturated market of event planners, there was still room for me and what I had to offer. I decided to believe that faith without works is dead, and wake up my faith. I decided to trust that if I just started, it would be worth my while. And it's been just that and so much more. I'm filled with so much happiness reflecting on the past 4 years, and so much gratitude for every single client, colleague, and supporter of Sensational Soirees! Thank you!

I'm so very proud of all I have achieved over the past 4 years, with the help of God and my team and circle of support. But beyond that I'm so thankful for all that I have learned. I don't have an overnight success story, and I'm not ashamed of that. I'm grateful for the beginning days of hardly no clients, barely making any profit, and working so very hard to build this brand from the ground up. Those humble beginnings have kept me grounded, focused on perfecting my craft and committed to hardwork. Today, I'm grateful I never gave up, and the hard work paid off! Now of course, I have soooooo much more I want to do and many more goals and dreams to achieve, but today I'm simply grateful for the past 4 years and the many more to come! 


I've been working on something special for other boss ladies in business 3 years or less, and in case you've scrolled on the website today, then you probably saw our new web page spilling all the beans. Well, I'M OFFICIALLY ROLLING OUT BUSINESS EDUCATION! YAY!

I'll be honest, rolling out a new service can be a little scary, which is why it practically took me this whole year to finally take the plunge and do this. But when there's a purpose on you, you have to walk in. So I'm choosing to do this, to share, to support others, all in the spirit of community over competition. The amazing feedback I've already received so far is simply confirmation that now was in fact the time. As boss ladies, the thoughts of maybe next year or maybe when I have this or maybe when I achieve this can halt you from moving ahead into your next level. The key is to remember we all need each other, so not moving forward doesn't just affect you, but in turn whoever needed you and what you have to offer.

Therefore, I'm excited to answers your questions, share advice and serve the following: (1) New or aspiring wedding and event planners who have no idea how to start with their business, (2) Planners who've been in business 3 years or less, work a full-time job and seeking one-on-one advice and feedback, and (3) Fellow mompreneurs who desire to successfully run their business, while raising their families. Does that sound like you? Then let's chat! As of today, I'm NOW accepting bookings for 1 hour and 1.5 hour one-on-one mentoring sessions via phone or Skype. Additionally, for those in the DMV area, I'm also offering in-person 2.5 hour lunch and learns, so that we can connect, you can learn, all while enjoying a delicious bite to eat. Head over to the new education page to sign up for more information, as space is extremely limited.

In case you missed my Facebook Live last Monday, in celebration of the anniversary and education roll out, check it out here, plus one more special announcement :-)

So those complimentary one-on-one sessions I announced on FB Live filled up so quickly. But since I didn't announce it on the blog, I've decided to offer a couple more for a limited time! If you're interested, tell me why in the comments section for an opportunity to get a final slot.

Sensationally yours,