Great news! If you are a new or aspiring event planner, then this is just for you! In the past 6+ years of running Sensational Soirees, I've learned so much and came a long way from where I started. As creatives, we're always learning and growing, so on my journey to go higher in my business, I want to be a resource for others along the way. I aim to pass along valuable tips, resources, and lessons learned to be of support to you on your entrepreneurial journey, in the spirit of community over competition! 


wedding planner education


I'm here to support you, and answer your burning questions, while being transparent in sharing both my successes and mistakes. In an effort to provide the most value based on my experience, my one-on-ones are specifically tailored to:

  • New or aspiring planners wondering how to get started

  • Planners in business 2 years or less, who also work a full-time job and want to grow

  • Mompreneurs figuring out how to run your business, while raising your family

If you fit in one or more of these 3 categories, I'd love to give you the opportunity to pick my brain, while sharing my tips for success! Complete the form below, and I will follow up with a questionnaire to make sure we're the best fit for one another.



  • 1 Hour Phone or Skype Session + Resource Guide | $100

  • 1.5 Hour Phone or Skype Session + Resource Guide | $150

  • 2 Hour In-Person Lunch and Learn + Resource Guide | $300


As a wife, mom, and full-time corporate employee I find it can be quite challenging to invest the time and energy it takes to really help my business thrive. To find my niche, build my network, refine my craft, manage marketing, etc. etc. That said, when I see others who juggle real-life demands AND have a successful business I'm so inspired and so eager to learn from them. As many people know, some business owners are not quite as eager to share how they got started and what has helped them succeed... to be honest about their struggles and the challenges they have experienced... or transparent about where they feel they have room to grow -- especially in an industry as "saturated" as events! But I can say first hand that is the furthest from the truth when it comes to Shalyce. I reached out to her on a whim after seeing just how much her business had grown over the years and she was so willing to share all of the above and more. I can honestly say after my chat with her I was more motivated, and more focused than I had been in a while to do what I love! She truly embodies the spirit of #communityovercompetition and for that I am so thankful!!


One of my first interactions with Shalyce, was when I reached out with questions regarding the start-up of her business. I was seeking advice as I started to launch my own business. She was pleasant and patient, but most importantly open and willing to share her experiences with me.  She made herself available to answer my questions and provide industry insight that I needed. She has sent me resources specific to my needs. I have walked away as a more knowledgeable business owner and event planner because of the time she's taken with me. 


Shalyce delivered an amazing presentation on The Importance of Community for Your Business and You to the attendees at the Pretty {girl} Collective. Not only did the audience find the information valuable, but they also found Shalyce to be very sincere in her delivery and her commitment to educating others. The sole purpose of the event was to build an atmosphere where women could network and build relationships without feeling in competition (#communityovercompetition). Shalyce definitely contributed to achieving that! Thank you for lending your knowledge and I look forward to working with you again.


If I could describe my mentor session in one word it would be MOTIVATING! I didn't know what to expect from the session but I ended the call feeling more encouraged and driven about pursuing my passion than I think I ever did before. The conversation really helped me put some things into perspective, shift my priorities, and set some realistic goals for myself to get the ball rolling in the right direction to fulfill my vision. The information and references you provided were honestly invaluable to a person like me who had no idea where to begin. I especially appreciated the honesty and insight about situations you wish you would have handled differently in the beginning of your journey. I also found that to be quite helpful. Overall, I found the experience to be ABOVE satisfactory and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone starting out in the business.


Shalyce is a very well versed event planner who has established herself in this market as being one of the very best. She started out like a lot of us, with a dream and a drive which turned into her purpose.  Sensationally, she brings interest in and excitement towards anyone she encounters. She has a teachable spirit and also seeks wise counsel from individuals whom are more knowledgeable in her area of expertise. Shalyce continues to grow her business as well as invest in her business. What she has to offer as an individual will speak to your business. She balances life very well with her family, a full time job and of course her wedding and event planning business. Shalyce proves that it CAN be done! Without a doubt, Shalyce has gained expertise that can be useful to anyone in this business. She is the one whom will help you get it done and spark you to follow your purpose with your very best effort. Hence, the reason Sensational Soirees is very successful.  



wedding planner education


Whether you still have questions about the one-on-ones or are already thinking, "Yes, Shalyce, this is totally what I need", please complete the form below to receive more details plus my FREE guide with 3 game changing tips you can implement in your business TODAY. I can't wait to encourage and share with you!

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