Where do I begin?! Sensational Soirees has been a dream of mine for many years, and just like anything in life, timing was key. My interest in planning and designing peaked and took off in 2007.  That year, I was given the planning opportunity that I had fantasized about since a young girl…preparing for my own wedding! planning

The weekend following my husband’s proposal,  I was so thrilled and ready to plan our special day that I started going on site visits and the whole nine…I know, I know, a bit obsessive – but what can I say, I was so excited and had no intentions of hiding it. Well a couple months into the planning, I came to the realization that although I wanted so desperately to do it all, it would be much more useful to get some professional planning assistance. With the help of our wedding coordinator and my mom, a natural-born event planner, my husband and I were able to have the wonderful and stress-free day of our dreams!


After my wedding, rather than going full throttle as a “post-bride wedding/event planner”, I felt it necessary to continue my research and training, and delved into party planning for family and friends. I came to find that this career was exactly what I was meant to pursue, and fellow planners, family and friends echoed my sentiments. I established Sensational Soirees not just out of personal desire, but to serve as a valued source that helps clients achieve the event of their dreams, for a cost within the realm of reality. Choosing the company name came somewhat easy because I knew I wanted “soirees” to be apart of it…it was something special about that word that I just loved and felt would add a unique touch. Then I started searching for synonyms of the word great and when “sensational” popped up, I knew that was it…thus, Sensational Soirees was born!

What a journey it has been, and it continues to unfold. Today, the Sensational Soirees’ team not only focuses on event planning, but also event design, invitations and more. We have had the priviledge of creating beautiful memories for our amazing clients, and we look forward to creating many more for years to come. What business or personal dreams have you pursued or are hoping to pursue? Tell us in the comments section below. Learn more about Sensational Soirees here.

Sensationally Yours,


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