In my younger years, I wanted to be a cheerleader! While I have tons of spirit, I lacked the coordination needed for the pom squad. So I decided I’ll be my own kind of cheerleader, and will cheer on and support others as best as I can. The event industry has afforded me many opportunities to do just that!

I've really enjoyed what I like to call "second planning" over the past couple years, which is especially helpful for planners who are solopreneurs. Photographers have been second shooting for years (genius!), and I'm so happy to see that planners are getting in this mindset, as well. It's starting to become a passion of mine, as I get to support fellow planners and be apart of executing successful and memorable events. I'm looking forward to doing more of this, all in the spirit of community over competition. Thus, the release of this information page for planners like you. Now, for those who may be asking…Sensational Soirees is still here to STAY! :) I'm currently being even more strategic about the type of clients and quantity of events Sensational Soirees takes on per year, so that I never lose the joy in doing what I love and focus more on the quality of events and service. Therefore, when my schedule is free and if you could use some day of support for some of your upcoming events, I’d be happy to help you! Please find more details below.

Photo: Underwood Photography

Photo: Underwood Photography

guidelines & investment

The process of working with me is super simple! Once we’ve confirmed your event date and details and an overview of how I can help you, we’ll execute a contractor agreement. I’ll obtain your 50% retainer, which holds your date on my calendar, and the balance is due the day of the event. Please know your privacy matters to me and is respected! Therefore, I won’t share or post anything regarding your event. I’m also happy to review and sign a non-disclousure agreement, should you require it.

Based on the level of service you require, location of the event, and length of time needed, I’m happy to provide you with a quote. My day of support rates start at $25 per hour, with a six hour minimum required. Invoices are issued via 17hats, and cash, major credit cards, PayPal and Cash App are acceptable methods of payment.

Photo: Memories of Bliss Photography

Photo: Memories of Bliss Photography


Do you need an extra pair of hands to organize escort cards and other reception details? Need help with wedding party management? Just need another professional planner to share the event logistics and management load with day of? Well, I’m happy to provide the support you need.

To get started, complete the form below. Upon receipt of your inquiry, I’ll email you my free guide on second planning that will answer a ton of questions you may and highlights how you can benefit from my day of support. I’d also like to get you scheduled for a free discovery call, so I can learn more about the event and your specific event support needs.

Photo: LaJoy Photography

Photo: LaJoy Photography


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If you have an upcoming event or wedding, where you could use some day of support, simply complete the form below and I’ll respond within 48 hours. Please provide as much information as possible in the additional information field. Also, if you need to provide supplemental information or attachments, feel free to email me at I look forward to connecting!

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